Your question: Can you catch pike on a carp rod?

Again, carp reels are okay for pike fishing. It’s the size of the spool that’s all important as you ought to be using either 12 or 15lb mono or 30lb braid as the mainline in order to cope with catching these powerful fish, often close to weed and snags.

Are carp and pike rods the same?

I suppose it depends on how serious you are about Piking and Carping. I am big time into both and I definatley can tell the difference between the two types of rods. Pike rods are far more powerful and have more back bone compared to most carp rods.

What rod is good for pike?

Having a 7-foot, medium-action while utilizing a baitcasting or spinning reel will do the trick. While trolling for pike, it is a good idea to step it up a notch. We like to use a medium-heavy action rod mainly because we are targeting fish in the 15 to 30-pound range.

Can I catch other fish with a carp rod?

Nope. The carbon will be impregnated in such a way that allows the rod to resonate at a certain frequency. This frequency will be transmitted down the line and will scare away pike.

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Can you use a carp rod for feeder fishing?

Feeder fishing rods range from around 9ft (generally called a ‘picker’ rod ) to 12ft. … The water you will be fishing can also determine the quiver tip needed. If fishing for big fish such as barbel or carp then a heavy feeder rod is required.

Can I use a barbel rod for pike?

Through actioned barbel rods of 1.75/2lb are ideal imo for close range fishing for zander and for when carp and pike are unlikely to go to good sizes.

Can pike bite through braid?

Pike will bite through braid, maybe not every time but when you least want to lose your fish it will go.

When should I start pike fishing?

Pike fishing by dedicated specialist anglers is often only from October to March, this being the traditional pike season. This gives the pike a break for spawning but also reduces the stress to fish, which can soon become gassed up after a hard fight in warm water where oxygen levels are reduced.

Are spinning reels good for pike?

With a spinner bait you can fish middle of weeds without tangling and spinners makes lot of noise to make pikes attack. Colours and equipment: … Pike is a strong fish so the gears needs to be strong as well. If you like baitcasting reel your optimal size is 200 or 300 and in spinning reels from 3000 to 4000.

Are carp scared of pike?

Big carp don’t seem to mind the presence of pike and the pike seem interested in the small fish that home in on a baited area.

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Can you float fish with a carp rod?

A float fishing setup is a lot lighter than it’s ledgering style counterpart. … Manufacturers often make life easy, and you can now find a range of dedicated carp fishing rods. One such rod that is great for float fishing for carp is a pellet waggler rod.

Can you use a match rod for carp?

This rod is ideal for anglers who are looking to fish small commercial fisheries and fishing for carp under 10lbs, anything larger than that and we’d recommend a tougher rod. The Daiwa ninja match rod is a light, well-balanced rod with a textured grip, carbon fiber body, and titanium O rings.

What is the best all round fishing rod?

After interviewing experts and spending more than 80 hours testing spinning rods and reels, we’ve determined that pairing the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 rod with the Daiwa BG SW spinning reel makes the best all-around fishing outfit without breaking the bank.

Can you carp fish with a quiver tip?

It is not used in game fishing (i.e. salmon, trout and sea trout) and is seldom, if ever, used when fishing for very large coarse fish (e.g. carp or pike). In essence, the angler watches the tip of the fishing rod to detect bites as opposed to, say, a float or an electronic bite alarm.