You asked: Do Mollies chase other fish?

Mollies sometimes chase and attack other mollies while feeding but they will not cause that much harm. However if you have a tank too small and the fish getting bullied is not getting any food at all -> It might die from stress and sickness.

Do Mollies Nip other fish?

More than one molly can be kept in a tank together, however, they have been known to nip the fins of others in their tank. It is recommended that only one male molly be kept in a tank since males will fight with each other to establish a dominant alpha fish.

Can Molly fish be aggressive?

They are a peaceful bunch most of the time but can show signs of aggression when crowded or surrounded by aggressive tank mates. Therefore, it’s important that their tank is big enough, and that they have suitable tank mates (more on this later). Some people mistake Molly Fish breeding behaviors as signs of aggression.

Can you keep mollies with other fish?

Mollies are friendly, peaceful fish that generally get along with their tank mates well. They have been known to act territorial when around food and defending their homes, but as long as they have a large enough tank with suitable tank mates they will be just fine.

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Are molly fish fin nippers?

Yes, mollies are fin nippers. Despite being peaceful and friendly, mollies are notorious for being fin nippers. Male mollies especially love nipping the fins of other males to establish their dominance and defend their territory. Mollie fish also tend to nip at other fish with large, flowing fins.

Are black mollies aggressive fish?

Black Mollies are generally a peaceful community fish, but multiple males kept in the same tank can become aggressive, and females which are outnumbered by males will tend to be harassed. … It is often thought that Black Mollies are best served in Brackish waters, but that’s not the case at all.

Are mollies aggressive to guppies?

Mollies are semi aggressive fish, and they will most likely not attack guppies. They might do it, but under some circumstances like defending their pair or their fry, other than that, they are peaceful.

How many mollies Can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

Ideally, you should have a 10-gallon aquarium for a molly fish. Depending on the species, you may add up to four mollies to the tank. For Sailfins and other larger mollies, however, you’ll need to arrange a 30-gallon aquarium. To live comfortably, each extra molly will require about 3 additional gallons.

Do mollies eat guppies?

And there is always a slight risk that mollies will nip fish that have long fins such as guppies. So before you put the two fish together in a tank make sure you read the article below to find out the best chances of success.

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Are mollies semi aggressive?

Note that although mollies are generally mild-tempered, if you put them in a community tank with other species, they can be semi-aggressive. They’ll be most calm in a tank with other molly fish.

Why are my fish chasing each other?

Fish chase each other for a variety of reasons, such as defending their territory, establishing dominance, competing for food, and mating. Even fish that are typically docile fish may chase others because of constant stress. This could be due to incompatible tank mates, poor water conditions, or an overcrowded tank.

Can mollies and goldfish live together?

Mollies are also another peaceful breed of fish! However, they are not recommended to be placed with Goldfish, which may not make any sense due to their temperaments being similar. This is due to the matter that Mollies have a tendency to become aggressive towards Goldfish!

Can 2 mollies live together?

But with that being said mollies are generally seen to be extremely peaceful fish. Especially in circumstances when one male molly is being kept with two female mollies. However, if you house all male mollies then as previously mentioned you may notice aggression amongst them.

Can I keep a single Molly?

Is it OK to keep one Molly Fish by herself? Yes, a single Molly Fish can live alone as long as she has all that she needs: clean water, good food, and enough space to swim and play in. Please don’t forget though, that she will be happier with tank mates—whether fellow Mollies or other compatible fish.

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