You asked: Are Porae good eating fish?

Can you eat Porae fish?

Porae have moist, medium to thick flakes with a slightly grey meat that whitens when cooked. They are good to bake, BBQ, poach or to use in a curry, pie or chowder.

Are Parore good to eat?

It’s true their flesh can have an ‘earthy’ or ‘weedy’ flavour at times, which isn’t surprising considering they’re largely vegetarian, but in my experience they’re not bad to eat at all – certainly better than trout!

Is kahawai good to eat?


It is best to kill kahawai and bleed as soon as possible as the flesh goes off quickly. They do have distinctive brownish blood lines when filleted. Kahawai are reasonably good eating but especially good for curries or fish pie and are brilliant smoked.

Are trumpet fish good to eat?

Trumpetfish are not dangerous to humans, nor are they a particular source of food for people, although they are edible and may be marketed locally as a food fish.

Are wrasse good to eat NZ?

Although perfectly edible most anglers would baulk at frying up a banded wrasse for breakfast. I have eaten them with no ill effects. They taste good! Obviously bigger specimens are going to yield more flesh than smaller ones for the same amount of effort.

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Can you eat Moki?

Latridopsis Ciliaris. Blue Moki is a delicious table fish, great value for money and totally underrated. Don’t be afraid of the blue tinge you get on the fillets sometimes – they become fully white when cooked. … Roast in a preheated oven until cooked.

Is black snapper good eating?

The taste of Black snapper is sweet and more profound when grilled as compared to the Grouper and is, in fact, quite a treat for any tastebuds!

How do you cook Luderick?

Preparation and cooking

Luderick have a moist, soft white flesh and a distinct flavour. Dry methods of cookery such as grilling, baking or barbecuing are recommended for fillets, while whole fish can be baked, BBQ’d or steamed. Luderick also holds up well when used in wet preparations such as soups or curries.

What is kahawai good for?

Kahawai have a high oil content and high omega-3 levels and are also well suited to eating raw as sashimi. … Kahawai can be easy to catch but there are always a few tricks that work better than others. Most anglers use lures that are too big when the target food of kahawai is often small whitebait-sized fish.

Is kahawai good for raw fish?

When kahawai is very fresh – as in just caught and bled – it is the perfect fish to eat raw in dishes such as the South American ceviche, Japanese sashimi and Fijian kokoda. Because these recipes involve no cooking, they are ideal for preparing on the beach or boat as you are catching your fish.

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What is butterfish NZ?

Butterfish are a premium fresh fish, found only along the New Zealand coast. The main Butterfish fishery is centred on the Cook Strait, between Tasman Bay, Castlepoint and Kaikoura; a smaller fishery is located around Stewart Island. … Butterfish start life and mature as females, with brown to green colouring.

What is a black snapper?

Black snapper is a common name for a fish. Black snapper may refer to: Apsilus dentatus, a member of the snapper fish family. Lutjanus griseus, the snapper fish family found in the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. Sistrurus catenatus, a venomous pit viper found mostly in the United States.