Where can you fish on the River Wye?

Where can I fish on the River Wye?

Below Hereford, the Wye and Usk Foundation has three great stretches – Caradoc, White House and Backney. All about one mile long, they offer prolific coarse fishing for barbel, chub, pike and silverfish as well as plenty of salmon.

Can I fish on the River Wye?

Members can fish for specimen chub and barbel on the River Wye and winter grayling. Fishing is not allowed during the salmon season (currently 3rd March to 17th October). Day memberships can be purchased by non-members and visitors.

What do I need to fish on the River Wye?

As well as a valid fishing licence, all anglers fishing our stretch of the Wye will need a permit. These are available from the hotel bar or reception at a cost of £15 per day. ​A limited number of season tickets are available on request, priority is give to existing holders but do become available from time to time.

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Can you fish in Ross on Wye?

The Ross-on- Wye Angling Club has fishing rights on the town water and at Weir End, Benhall and Sellack with over 5 miles of excellent fishing. Day tickets are also available from G.B.Sports.

Can you night fish the River Wye?

In my experience you can catch well during any time of the day as long as you have the fish in front of you. I occasionally fish an hour or two into dark and Ive never found the fishing to be any better in general.

Are there signal crayfish in River Wye?

Signal crayfish are present in the River Wye and many of its tributaries throughout the catchment. The threat of invasion from new non-native species is ever present with the arrival of species such as killer shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus) possibly carried on canoeing and fishing equipment.

Do you need a permit to fish on river Wye?

Fishing in the area

Before anyone can fish the Wye, an Authority Rod Licence must be obtained plus a permit to fish in the chosen section of the river. These are available at the local tackle dealers, hotel or angling association that own the fishing rights over that particular stretch of water.

Can you fish in Bakewell?

it’s absolutely full of fish – trout and grey mullet I think. They’re big too, most of them being around 18 inches long or thereabouts. The last time we were in Bakewell there were even more fish though and it seemed quite spooky to me as they were all grey and ghostly looking. … You can see more images of Bakewell here.

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How is the river Wye fishing?

This part of the Wye is probably the river’s best coarse fishing (although there are some very productive lower river beats too) and most of the fisheries offer all the main target species for coarse anglers, namely barbel, chub and pike. Dace, perch and roach can also be found in the middle river too.

What fish are in the river Wyre?

Species present include chub, barbel, roach, perch, bream, dace, eels, trout, sea trout & salmon.

Where can I fish on the River Severn?


  • Aberbechan and Penarth. Over a mile of left bank fishing with shallow runs, deep glides and weir pool. …
  • Abermule. Approx. …
  • Forden. Close to three miles of right bank fishing above and below Cilcewydd Bridge. …
  • Buttington Bridge. …
  • Pool Quay, Maesydd & Rhyddesgyn. …
  • Underdale. …
  • Apley Estate. …
  • Knowle Sands.

Where can I fish Symonds Yat?

Lower Symonds Yat

  • Cadora Backs.
  • Courtfield.
  • Goodrich Court.
  • Home Fishery.
  • Middle Hill Court.
  • Thomas Wood.
  • Upper Bigsweir.
  • Upper Hill Court.

How high is the River Wye?

The River Wye (Welsh: Afon Gwy) is the fourth-longest river in the UK, stretching some 250 kilometres (155 miles) from its source on Plynlimon in mid Wales to the Severn estuary.

River Wye
• location Plynlimon
• coordinates 52°28′5.170″N 3°45′56.282″W
• elevation 690 m (2,260 ft)

Are there Barbel in the River Usk?

While the Usk has some good stocks of chub, barbel and dace, it is the Wye that will challenge any UK river with the quality of its coarse fishing. … The Wye is widely regarded as a top UK destination for barbel anglers. The river provides ideal habitat for these fast, powerful fish.

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