Where can I buy stock fish in wholesale in Nigeria?

How much is a bag of stock fish in Nigeria?

In Nigeria today, a bag of stockfish cut-cut can be bought for ₦80,000 to ₦90,000. Also, a bag of stockfish containing the heads and ears costs up to ₦70,000. The bag without ear and only heads of okporoko price is ₦40,000.

Is stock fish business profitable?

Stockfish business is very lucrative just like crayfish and Prawn business. Many people use stockfish to prepare soup and some still go ahead to use them for pottage. In fact the number of people who prefer stockfish to meat is increasing daily because to them stockfish does not contain fat.

Is stock fish imported into Nigeria?

“The volume of stockfish and stockfish heads, imported from Norway into Nigeria is only about 8,000 metric tons and this represents about 0.4 percent of the total volume of fish import. … “Stockfish has given employment to many Nigerians and many livelihoods depend on it within and across the country.”

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Where does Nigeria import stockfish from?

“The volume of Stock fish imported from Norway into Nigeria is only about 8,000 metric tonnes and this represents about 0.4 per cent of the total volume of fish imported into Nigeria. “With this, it can be said that the total volume of foreign exchange consumed by this product is very minimal.

Where is stock fish found?

Stockfish is available all year round. Norwegian stockfish hangs out by the sea in Northern Norway on drying racks from February to May. The climate is perfect for drying fish, with temperatures around 0°C and the perfect balance of wind, sun and rain.

Which fish is used for stock fish?

The most known and traded dried fish product is stockfish. Stockfish is mainly produced from cod, dried without the addition of salt; however, it can also be made from other white fish species as pollock or haddock.

What is Nigerian Stock fish?

To be very honest, in Nigeria, we call all dried cod stockfish, salted or not. However in Norwegian classification, stockfish refers to unsalted, fresh dried fish and clipfish, salted dried fish. Apparently, this salting method for clipfish was developed by the Portuguese who are also fond of it.

Is stock fish a contraband in Nigeria?

The Norwegian Seafood Council has protested the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN’s inclusion of stockfish in the list of banned goods to be imported into the country.

How do you preserve stock fish?

Stockfish can be kept for many years if stored in a cool dry place, however, humidity can cause its deterioration. When immersed in water it soaks up all the moisture again and the flesh becomes milky. Many cultures soak it in water for 5 or 6 days replacing the water each day before use.

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What is Eja Osan?

Eja Osan is known to be one of Nigeria’s most expensive type of fish, It is called dansarki in hausa and azu asa in igbo. It is not cultivated artificially, instead it is harvested from water where it grows naturally.

How much is a carton of dry fish?

A jumbo-size carton of dried fish selling at between N60,000 and N70,000 as at last month, now sells for between N40,000 and N50,000.

How is stockfish made?

Stockfish is unsalted fish, especially cod, dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks (which are called “hjell” in Norway) on the foreshore. … After 2–3 weeks in salt the fish has salt-matured, and is transformed from wet salted fish to clipfish through a drying process.

How much does stockfish cost?

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How many pieces are in a bag of stockfish?


Is salmon fish available in Nigeria?

GoodLife seafoods sources and provides varieties of seafoods to millions of consumers in Nigeria and abroad, ranging from mullosks to crustacians.