What kind of fish do you catch ice fishing in Minnesota?

The fish in Lake of the Woods are incredibly active all year round. Even in the heart of winter, many anglers have no trouble landing their daily limit of walleye, saugers, northern pike or eelpout, plus the occasional jumbo perch or tulibee.

What kind of fish do you catch while ice fishing?

The top fish targets in ice fishing include yellow perch, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout, and pike.

How do you ice fish in Minnesota?


  1. Use LakeFinder. The DNR’s LakeFinder has information on more than 4,500 fishing lakes in Minnesota. …
  2. Dress in layers. …
  3. Wear warm boots. …
  4. You can be thrifty. …
  5. Rent before you buy. …
  6. Have fishing regulations with you. …
  7. Stay on the move. …
  8. Early and late can be great.

Is ice fishing popular in Minnesota?

Ice fishing in Minnesota has become an increasingly accessible winter sport. If you’re visiting Minnesota—the Land of 10,000 Lakes, as it’s known—ice fishing is a unique activity to try, whether you’re a seasoned angler, or headed out for the first time.

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Can you eat fish on the ice in Minnesota?

Fillets basically need to be cooked right away and not stored while staying on the ice. In addition, when you clean fish, make sure to keep the carcasses so they can be measured. … It is vital that the MN DNR can measure fish to ensure compliance.

What’s the best bait for ice fishing?

For ice fishing live bait, try wax worms (bee moth larva), maggots, spikes (fly larvae), wigglers (mayfly larvae) or minnows. You can drop your bait and leave it alone, or you can slowly jig to attract the fish.

How do you attract fish when ice fishing?

Other ways to attract fish while ice fishing

  1. Switch from a vertical jig to a horizontal one. Sometimes all you need is a little variety in your lures. …
  2. Twist your line. Most ice anglers move their line up and down. …
  3. Cover the hole. Another trick to attracting fish is to cover your fishing hole with ice shavings.

Can you catch walleye with an ice fishing?

Jigging for Walleye Ice Fishing

One of the most popular techniques for catching walleye through the ice is jigging. … Here are our most effective jigging tips for walleyes.

How late can you ice fish in MN?

Take Shelter in Ice Houses

Only licensed ice houses may be left unattended between midnight and an hour before sunrise.

How many lines can you have ice fishing in Minnesota?

Minnesota allows one line per fishing license, with the exception of two lines allowed for ice fishing and for fishing on the Mississippi River and Lake Superior. The committee passed an amendment to the bill that exempts two-line authorization from specially regulated waters, such as trout streams and lakes.

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When can you start ice fishing?

Ice fishing season for All 50 States

State Ice Fishing Season Starts Ice Fishing Season Ends
California January March
Colorado December Late February
Connecticut January March
Delaware January February

When can you start ice fishing in Minnesota?

As winter usually makes its entrance rather sooner than later in the state of Minnesota, the ice fishing season here starts considerably early. In most years, ice anglers can start to fish on hard water in late November or early December.

Can you ice fish at night in Minnesota?

But winter is also a popular time to go ice fishing! … You can fish at night too, which makes for a fun adventure on the ice! Gull Lake is the largest lake in the Brainerd Lakes region of Minnesota. It’s best known for walleye and northern pike, but there are other fish to find as well.

Can I clean fish on the ice?

Keeping fish fresh ensures cleanliness, taste, and texture. You can keep fish on ice before cleaning them for 24 – 36 hours if you pack them correctly. Using an insulated cooler with a draining spout filled with crushed ice is ideal. There are other tips and tricks that anglers use to ensure freshness.

Can you fillet fish on Lake of the Woods?

Individuals may not possess fillets in their boats or day/sleeper houses unless they are in immediate preparation of a meal or unless a licensed fish packer has filleted and packaged them to be consumed while their guests are on the lake and the fish packer is present with you and carcasses are available for inspection …

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