What kind of fish did Vikings eat?

Fish. The Vikings enjoyed a wide variety of fish – both freshwater, such as salmon, trout and eels, and saltwater, like herring, shellfish and cod. They also preserved fish using a number of techniques, including smoking, salting, drying and pickling, and were even known to ferment fish in whey.

What did Vikings fish with?

The Vikings did not use fishing reels or poles. Instead, they tied hooks to a fishing line made from sheep, cow, or walrus intestines, then pulled the fish up by hand. On a small rowing boat out on the open ocean, this was a very dangerous and difficult task.

What was a typical Viking diet?

The Vikings ate a fairly healthy diet that consisted of meat, fish and vegetables. However, the harsh Scandinavian weather made it difficult for Vikings to raise animals and grow crop in the winter months, limiting their winter meals to predominantly pickled meat and vegetables.

Did the Vikings eat shrimp?

Depending on their locations, the Vikings also dined on other water creatures. They enjoyed salmon, trout, eels, shellfish, and cod. Because their diets were balanced, fruits and vegetables were important parts of the daily meals too.

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Did Vikings eat eel?

Freshwater fish such as salmon, trout and eels were widely eaten (see intro paragraph).

Did Vikings eat duck?

They ate beef, goat, pork, mutton, lamb, chicken and duck and occasionally horsemeat. … Because most Vikings lived on the coast, they ate all kinds of fish, both ocean-going and freshwater fish. In fact, fish was probably a good 25 percent of their diet.

What kind of alcohol did the Vikings drink?

Vikings brewed their own beer, mead, and wine. Mead, however (often considered a drink of royalty), was most likely reserved for special occasions.

Did Vikings eat beef?

A major benefit of the Viking diet was the fact that every level of society, from kings to common sailors, ate meat every day. Often this would have been pork, as hogs were easy to raise and quick to mature, but Vikings also ate beef, mutton and goats. … In fact, Vikings most often boiled their meats.

Did Vikings drink a lot?

For the ancient Norsemen, drinking was much more than just consuming alcoholic beverages. Drinking ale and mead was instead part of their ancestral lifestyle and had deep cultural and religious significance. … Imported Viking-Age glass and pottery drink-ware found in Lofoten .

Did Vikings have cows?

The Vikings kept many of the domestic animals that we are familiar with today. A typical Viking household in an agricultural area possessed cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and goats. In addition, there were hens, geese and ducks. … The Vikings got the most out of their domestic animals.

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Did the Vikings smoke meat?

Meat and fish were preserved by smoking. While some excavated Viking-age farms appear to have had dedicated smokehouses, such as the farm at Granastaðir in north Iceland, the upper reaches of the longhouse may have been smoky enough to do the job.

Did the Vikings eat crab?

As far as fruit was concerned, Vikings ate apples , probably the crab-apple variety, plums , cherries and wild strawberries . … The Vikings were fond of meat , especially beef , mutton and pork , although in truth the wealthier would have eaten more meat, as this was a popular ingredient of Viking diet.

Did the Vikings eat oysters?

Other aquatic species the Vikings ate included freshwater fish such as salmon, perch, and pike, and shellfish such as shrimp, mussels, and oysters. Most meat came from domestic animals: cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, and geese. … Fruits and vegetables were, of course, important for the Vikings’ nutrition.

Did Vikings eat pizza?

Before the era of the flatbread

These are believed to have been used to prepare the bread-dish – or the Viking pizza. … Astrid Riddervold believed that the bread-dish was the main grain-based food used in everyday life in olden times. The Italians base their pizza dough on wheat, but the Vikings used barley or rye.

Did the Vikings have worms?

Archaeological excavations of Viking latrine pits in Denmark have revealed that these populations suffered massive worm infestations. The way that their genes developed to protect their vital organs from disease caused by worms has become the inherited trait which can now lead to lung disease in smokers.

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What did Vikings eat recipes?


  • Kornmjölsgröt (Barley Porridge)
  • Osyrat Kornbröd (Barley Flatbread)
  • Green Soup.
  • Nässelsoppa (Nettle Soup)
  • Rökt Fisk (Smoked Fish)
  • Chicken Stew With Beer.
  • Honey Glazed Root Vegetables.
  • Kokt Svinmålla (Boiled Lambsquarters)