What is the meaning of shoal of fish?

: a large group or number : crowd a shoal of fish.

What is the use of shoal?

The noun shoal can be used to refer to a group of fish or an area of shallow water. So when you’re navigating a shoal in your row boat, you might look down and see a shoal of fish swimming out of the way.

What is the meaning of shoal of herrings?

noun A great multitude; a crowd; a throng; of fish, a school: as, a shoal of herring; shoals of people. To become shallow, or more shallow. … To assemble in a multitude; crowd; throng; school, as fish.

What is shoal in geography?

1. Shoal is a bank of coastal sediment that rises almost to the surface of the sea. … They are only 20 metres below sea level and so dangerous for navigation.

What is the noun form of shoal?

noun. /ʃəʊl/ /ʃəʊl/ ​a large number of fish swimming together as a group. shoals of herring.

What is another word for shoal?

What is another word for shoal?

sandbank bank
sands tombolo
mass reef
sand bar ridge
spit mound
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What does a shoal look like?

Shoals appear as long and narrow ridges. The landform occurs when an ocean current, stream, or river facilitates the deposition of granular material and sediment leading to localized shallowing of the water.

What’s the difference between a shoal and a school of fish?

When fish, shrimp or other aquatic creatures swim together in a loose cluster, this is typically called a shoal. It can be a mix of different species. A school is a group of the same fish species swimming together in synchrony; turning, twisting and forming sweeping, glinting shapes in the water.

What is a shole?

Definition of shole

: a plank or plate placed beneath an object (such as a shore) to give increased bearing surface or to act as a protection.

What is a shoal in a lake?

In oceanography, geomorphology, and geoscience, a shoal is a natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar that consists of, or is covered by, sand or other unconsolidated material and rises from the bed of a body of water to near the surface.

What is the difference between a reef and a shoal?

As nouns the difference between shoal and reef

is that shoal is a sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow or shoal can be any large number of persons or things while reef is the itch; any eruptive skin disorder or reef can be a chain or range of rocks, sand, or coral lying at or near the surface of the water.

Where are shoals formed in a bend in a river?

Explanation: When bend is developed in a river, the process moves downstream by the formation of shoals on the convex side with the help of secondary currents. The formation of shoals on the convex side leads further erosion on the concave side.

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What glimmered mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to shine faintly or unsteadily The candles glimmered in the windows. b : to give off a subdued unsteady reflection Her white satin dress glimmered in the dusk. 2 : to appear indistinctly with a faintly luminous quality. glimmer.

What does Starveling mean?

: one that is thin from or as if from lack of food. starveling. adjective. Definition of starveling (Entry 2 of 2) : being a starveling also : marked by poverty or inadequacy starveling wages.

Is shoal a collective noun?

Shoal:- The collective noun ‘shoal’ is used to describe a group of species that swim together . Example: A shoal of fish.