What is the difference between a Waggler and float rod?

A pellet waggler rod is a beefier version of a float rod… However there is also another difference. The normal float rod usually has a tip action meaning that the tip section of the rod bends a lot easier than the rest of the rod for faster lone pick up and hook setting. A pellet waggler rod has a through action…

Can you use a pellet waggler rod for normal float fishing?

A pellet waggler is a small, dumpy, float used for fishing. It is suited for any small particle baits, but can also be used for larger baits such as cut cubes of meat. … When fishing deeper than 60 cm it is better to fish with a normal waggler.

Whats the difference between a waggler rod and a pellet waggler rod?

Unlike a conventional waggler rod, pellet waggler rods tend to be shorter and a little more powerful – perfect for the constant casting of the small but weighty wagglers that this demanding method requires.

Can you use a waggler float on a river?

1. The waggler approach. This is a classic tactic, that works well in the majority of river swims and it is often the first rod that Rob will setup. … Selecting a 14-ft float rod, Rob had combined this with 4lb Aero mainline to a ‘hooks to nylon’ combination of 2lb 8oz hooklink and a size 16 Carbon Match hook.

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Can you use a waggler rod for feeder fishing?

The method feeder top section will cast up to large, heavily loaded method feeders accurately, even at longer ranges. Setup with the pellet waggler top section, this rod is ideal for all floats ranging up to 15g loading and provides excellent line management and float control.

How deep should you fish a pellet waggler?

Set your depth to about 60cm (2 feet), pick a spot you want to fish and cast your float to it. Now using a catapult begin feeding a few pellets(5 or 6) at a time around your float. Often a 6mm pellet for your hook and feed is good but you can always try 4mm feed pellets. Remember!

Can you catch big carp with a pellet waggler?

When aiming at small carp, you can use 6mm pellet, but when targeting the big carp, 8mm pellets may be the ideal choice. One thing you should consider is that the smaller pallets are difficult to feed at distance, so if you want to fish at distance and the conditions are bad you can feed bigger pellets.

What is the best length of pellet waggler rod?

The best length for a pellet waggler rod is between 9ft to 12ft and should be a well balanced light and powerful rod.

What are the best pellet waggler floats?

The Best Pellet Waggler Floats

  • Premier Flighted Loaded Pellet Waggler Carp Floats.
  • Drennan Shorty Pellet Wagglers.
  • Guru Foam Pellet Wagglers.

Can you Leger fish with a float rod?

Legering is so popular that nearly all specimen and carp anglers use this method in pursuit of big carp, barbel, catfish and other species. Also, when fishing on running waters or in windy conditions where fishing with a float is difficult, legering with a feeder rod or quiver tip is a preferred method of fishing.

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Can you use a quiver tip rod for float fishing?

Very sensitive float rods can be used for quiver tip fishing, but normally fishermen have a specialist rod especially for the task. The eyed tip of approximately 1–2 ft in length is attached as an extension to the end of the rod by a put-in or screw-in method.

Can you float fish with a carp rod?

A float fishing setup is a lot lighter than it’s ledgering style counterpart. … Manufacturers often make life easy, and you can now find a range of dedicated carp fishing rods. One such rod that is great for float fishing for carp is a pellet waggler rod.