What is the best time to fish for bluegill?

Bluegill are commonly found in water more than 10 feet deep in summer and typically hang just above the thermocline (the depth where water temperature changes dramatically and below which oxygen levels are usually low). Best fishing is usually in the morning and evening when the fish are most active.

What is the best time of day to fish for bluegill?

The best time to catch bluegills is the 2.5-hour window from 4:30 to 7:00 pm usually slowing down an hour prior to sunset. There are some caveats to this rule but it is a great guideline to follow to maximize your time on the water.

What state has the best bluegill fishing?

Florida is no slouch, either, when it comes to serving up big numbers of bodacious bluegills. Hallowed bass destinations such as Kissimmee, Toho, and Talquin also produce incredible sunfish action.

How deep do you fish for bluegill?

But no matter where you are, the best bluegill fishing time is during the spring and summer spawn. At that time, the species will be in about two to six feet of water, usually under cover.

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Can you catch bluegill early in the morning?

As temperatures rise by mid-to-late morning, you can start using lures slowly as bluegills grow more aggressive. Generally speaking, the water will be at its calmest in the early morning hours. … As the morning sun warms up the water, you’ll start to rise a big uptick both in bluegill activity and feeding behavior.

Can you catch bluegill in April?

And there’s no better time to catch bluegill than spring. Bluegills spawn much later than bass and crappie, so their aggressive prespawn period is one of the longest on the lake.

How do you catch bluegill in May?

In addition to deep weed edges, you can also find fish around fish cribs placed in moderately deep water. Some bluegills may also suspend over the lake’s deep hole at the thermocline. These open-water ‘gills tend to be large. Target them with a slip bobber and a worm to get the right depth.

What is the best bait for bluegill fishing?

Live bait works especially well for bluegill. The most common baits are worms and night crawlers because they are readily available and bluegill love them. The key is to use only a piece of a worm—just enough to cover the hook. Other productive baits include crickets, grasshoppers, red wrigglers and meal worms.

How long is a one pound bluegill?

A one pound bgill is a big fish; around 10.4″ long.

How far should a bobber be from the hook?

For the bobber, a smaller one is more sensitive and offers less resistance to the fish so it can eat your bait easily. Finally, a short distance between the bobber and the hook (1 to 2 feet, normally) gets your worm in front of many fish yet keeps your hook from snagging the bottom.

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Do Bluegills bite at night?

Bluegills are most active during the day, but they will bite at night. Bluegills are much less active at night.

How do you catch bluegill fast?

Wax worms and mealworms are the best live bait for taking bluegill under the ice. You can also catch plenty of bluegill while ice fishing with small jigs, artificial flies and tiny spoons.

Is corn a good bait for bluegill?

Canned sweet corn, bread, old hot dog buns, hot dogs, and even Slim Jims can work to catch Bluegill. Place individual pieces of corn on your hook, or ball up bread using peanut butter as glue. A great way to fish these baits is by using a bobber. … Keep a close eye on that bobber!

How many times a year do bluegill spawn?

Reproduction Cycles: Bluegills can spawn up to five times a year in Southern states. Spawning Locations: Bluegills and other sunfish prefer weedy protected bays with gravel or sandy bottoms. Nests normally are created in less than 4 feet of water.