What is the best ice fishing sled?

What is an ice fishing sled?

Ice fishing sleds are essential for anglers heading out on the tundra. They help you easily tug along all your gear—from ice rods to augers. Many come with hitches that allow you to connect to an ATV or snowmobile for easier transport.

What is a Smitty sled?

Smitty Sleds are a simple design. If you have some basic woodworking tools you can build one in a few hours. I began by cutting 2-2×4 pieces to 6” lengths and 2 more to 7.5” lengths. The front 2×4’s are cut at a 45° angle so the top portion is 6” long, to match the back.

Can you fix a cracked plastic sled?

Re: Crack in Plastic Sled

Body shops that weld up plastic bumpers can fix it for you. There is no adhesive that will work.

Is a Smitty sled easier to pull?

Smitty sled is hands down easier than pulling an otter while walking.

How high should a Smitty sled?

Re: smitty sled height

Since the skis are are supposed to ride mostly on top of the snow, the height is not nearly as crucial as a good pair of skis aligned straight so the don’t fight each other. I agree that 6″ of height off the skis should be plenty.

How do I attach skis to a sled?

Cut some blocks from a 2×4. Put a screw through the bottom of the ski into the chunk of wood, then through the sled into the block of wood. At least 2 from the top, 2 from the bottom on each block.

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