What is smoking of fish and fishery products?

Smoking, one of the oldest preservation methods, combines the effects of salting, drying, heating and smoking. Typical smoking of fish is either cold (28–32 °C) or hot (70–80 °C).

What is smoking in fishery?

Fish “smoking” is a process of treating fish by exposing it to smoke from smoldering wood or plant materials. This process is usually characterized by a combination of salting, drying, heating and smoking steps in a smoking chamber. Drying is done to reduce moisture content to 10% or less).

What is the importance of fish smoking?

Fish smoking prolongs shelf life, enhances flavor, and increases utilization in soups and sauces. It reduces waste at times of bumper catches and permits storage for the lean season. It increases protein availability to people throughout the year and makes fish easier to pack, transport, and market.

How is fish preserved by smoking?

Smoking helps preserve the fish as the smoke itself delivers an acidic coating onto its surface. This coating prevents oxidation and slows the growth of bacteria, which in turn slows the decomposition of the fish.

What is used in smoking method?

Smoking is a method of cooking meat and other foods over a fire. Wood chips are added to the fire to give a smoky flavor to the food. … Frequently, meat, poultry, and fish are brined in a salt water solution to help the meat retain moisture during the smoking process.

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What is the importance of fish smoking in processing industry?

Smoking is an important operation used to give the combined effects of preservation, drying, and cooking to fish.

What is smoke process?

The smoking process allows cured meats, poultry, game and seafood to be subjected to smoke in a controlled environment. The smoke is produced by smoldering hardwood chips, vines, herbs, fruit skins, or spices. This smoke influences the flavor, aroma, texture, appearance and shelf life of foods.

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