What is a Dipsy for fishing?

What is the purpose of a Dipsy Diver?

A Dipsy Diver is a simple to use device for anglers who want to troll without using a downrigger. Basically, the Dipsy Diver is a weighted plastic disc that dives down in the water column when trolling. This diving allows the attached lure to be placed in the optimal strike zone.

How deep can you fish with a Dipsy Diver?

The adjustable trip mechanism can be set specifically for various lure sizes and the size of target fish. Four sizes of Dipsy Divers are available, with dive depths of up to 20, 35, 50 and 100 feet.

Can you use a flasher with a Dipsy Diver?

You can absolutely run flashers on dipsys.

What lures to use with Dipsy Divers?

Most dipsy divers will take your lures down to about 50 feet. My favorite lures are spoons. I fish the Central Basin in Lake Erie and in my area, “Stinger” by Advanced Tackle out of Michigan is probably the all-time favorite. I also like the Luhr Jensen “Diamond King” spoon.

How fast do you troll with Dipsy Divers?

The 2-1/4” diameter 3/0 size (Mini Dipsy) can be effectively trolled as fast as 3 m.p.h. and covers the 14- to 20-ft. depth range with a 100- to 120-ft.

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How long should a leader be for a Dipsy Diver?

I’m ready to try longer leads between my dipsey and flasher this year. Going to start with ten footers but want to try running one at 30 feet. The flasher on a short lead can only spin out so far. A longer lead will let it spin a larger circle.

What is Dipsy mean?

(ˈdɪpsi) mod. tipsy; alcohol intoxicated. (see also dipso.)

What size is a number 1 Dipsy Diver?

Weight: ~5.05 oz. (146g) Size 001 – 4-1/8″ – Dives up to 50 feet with O-Ring.

Who makes Dipsy Diver?

4 1/8 in. 50 ft.

How fast should I troll for walleye?

What Speed Should You Troll For Walleye? It depends on the time of year and water temperatures. Trolling speed, in the spring, is best at 1.3 – 1.5 mph. Summer trolling speeds increase 1.5- 2 mph as walleyes are more active in warmer water temperatures.

Can you use Dipsy Divers with planer boards?

Pulling an untripped Dipsy with a big walleye will not be fun with a walleye rod. For all practical purposes, Dipsys aren’t normally run behind inline planers or even big boards for that matter, too much drag.

How deep do Jet Divers go?

VERSATILITY ‑ ALL DEPTHS The complete, five-size Jet Diver system allows you to reach specific depths from 10 to 50 feet, depending on the size Jet you choose. “Jet 10”, for example, will reach 10 feet and can pull small lures and spoons such as Super Dupers,® Needlefish,® Kwikfish® or small spinner and bait combos.

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