What fish can you catch off a pier in Florida?

The most common fish you can catch here include spotted and silver trout, snook, Spanish mackerel, redfish, snappers, jacks, sheepshead, flounder, and many more, depending on the season. You can fish on the pier seven days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM.

What fish can you catch from a pier in Florida?

That can mean black drum, redfish, sea trout, bluefish and Spanish mackerel (smaller cousins of the king mackerel), all of which can range from a few pounds up to 35 or 40 pounds. Most piers will have big circular nets on a stout rope to help lift a big fish the 20 or so feet from the water to the pier deck.

What kind of fish do you catch off a pier?

In northern California, the options range from Rockfish, Sharks, and California Halibut, to Jacksmelt, Surf Smelt, and Surfperch. To the south, you can expect to catch Halibut and California Corbina, as well as Calico Bass, Mackerel, and Barracuda.

Can you fish off the pier in Florida?

You can fish from a pier for recreational purposes, but you still need a valid pier saltwater fishing license. You don’t need a Florida freshwater fishing license if….

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What fish can you catch from shore in Florida?

Fishing is great on Florida beaches. All public beaches allow fishing from the shore and it is quite common to see people with their poles and cast nets working the calm surf. You can catch most inshore fish from the beach such as snook, pompano, shark, snapper, and redfish.

What size hooks for pier fishing?

Hook sizes depend on the size and species of fish being targeted, but Nos. 4 to 1/0 should handle most situations. The best baits to use will be live or cut specimens of whatever fish are feeding on at the time. You can catch your own or buy them from the pier or local tackle shop.

What is the best time to pier fish?

Pier Fishing Tip: Best Time to Pier Fish

Most of the time fishing is best two hours before high tide and two hours after high tide. Dawn and dusk are often key times for fish feeding on baitfish too, especially the period before dawn and that first hour or two after sunset.

Do I need a net for pier fishing?

​Not all nets for pier fishing need to be drop nets and if you are fishing a fairly low pier a telescopic conventional net with a heavy duty handle is just as good. ​The Ego S2 Slider net extends from 29 to 60 inches and has a 19 inch hope. They are rated up to 20 lbs extended and 30 lbs retracted.

Do I need a fishing license in Florida to fish from shore?

A Florida fishing license is required to land saltwater species in Florida regardless of where they are caught (state or federal waters). Valid for saltwater fishing from the shoreline or a structure affixed to shore. Not valid when fishing from a vessel, or a shoreline reached by vessel.

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Do you need a fishing license to fish off a dock in Florida?

Resident saltwater anglers who fish from shore or a structure affixed to shore will need a shoreline fishing license unless they have a regular saltwater fishing license, persons with disabilities fishing license, other combo license or are exempt.

Where is the best shore fishing in Florida?

In our ‘Taste and See Southwest Florida’ beach week list for today, we take you to the top 4 fishing beaches.

  • NAPLES BEACH. Anyone can fish without a license at Naples Municipal Beach and Pier. …