What fish are potholes?

Are there catfish in Potholes Reservoir?

More Fish at Potholes Reservoir

Bullheads are everywhere these days, including both brown and yellow bullhead catfish.

Where can I fish pothole reservoir?

MarDon Resort and Medicare Beach are very popular areas to catch Rainbow Trout. A large private resort, a state park, and several developed public access areas provide all necessary amenities for this large reservoir.

Is it safe to swim in Potholes Reservoir?

People are advised not to swim or water ski in the reservoir and keep all pets and livestock away.

Where can I fish Crab Creek?

Cool springs throughout upper Crab Creek provide relief from scorching summer temperatures and create an oasis for wild redband trout. The best public fishing is from Rocky Ford Road North via Interstate 90 exit 220 or Harrington-Tokio Road via exit 231.

Is Moses Lake open for fishing?

Located in its namesake City, this body of water has a year-round fishing opportunities for warmwater fish and Rainbow Trout.

What lake is MarDon Resort on?

MarDon Resort is located on the shores of Potholes Reservoir. We offer 4 or 6 person fully furnished cottages for a comfortable & relaxing stay. All have views of the water.

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Can you boat from Moses Lake to Potholes?

Bureau Irrigation Dams – Informal boat launch site with restrooms. Outlet water trail connects to large Potholes Reservoir.

Can you have fires at Potholes State Park?

Potholes State Park campground has 121 campsites (60 with full hookups) and is located on the shore of Potholes Reservoir. Campsites can accommodate tents, trailers and RVs. Each campsite also has a table, fire ring and grate. Five cabins are also available for rent.

Is there WiFi at Potholes State Park?

But two Washington state parks have their own WiFi service —Potholes State Park near Othello and Pacific Beach State Park on the coast.

Is Moses Lake still toxic?


– The Grant County Health Department is warning against having any contact with any water from Moses Lake after toxic algae blooms were found in the water. Samples taken from Sept. 22 indicated that there were algae levels above the recreational guidance value.

Are dogs allowed at Potholes State Park?

Pets are only permitted in designated pet-friendly overnight accommodations for an additional fee. Smoking is not allowed inside.

When was Potholes Reservoir built?


Project Columbia Basin
Original Construction 1947-1949
Dam Type Zoned Earthfill
Latitude 46.9806
Reservoir Potholes