What fish are in season in Homosassa?

Anglers in Homosassa and south in Everglades City, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa will enjoy fall and winter confrontations with redfish, grouper, kingfish, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, trout and blackfin tuna. Spring and summer trigger the year’s best battles with burly tarpon and snook.

What fish are biting in Homosassa?

What can I catch when fishing in Homosassa?

  • Redfish and Spotted Seatrout. Two of the Gulf’s most coveted inshore fish, Redfish and Spotted Seatrout can be found in abundance here. …
  • Snook and Tarpon. …
  • Snappers and Groupers. …
  • Cobia and Amberjack. …
  • Scallops. …
  • Shore Fishing. …
  • Kayak Fishing. …
  • Pier Fishing.

What fish are in the Homosassa River?

The freshwater fish you’ll find in the Homosassa River include bream, largemouth bass and gar. Some of the saltwater species you’ll see include jacks, mullet, sheepshead and snook. The area now known as Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park has been a tourist attraction since the early 1900s.

What kind of fish are in Homosassa Springs Florida?

Fish Homosassa

Homosassa has an abundance of large Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel waiting to challenge the best of light tackle anglers. The clear pristine flats of Homosassa Bay are ideal for drifting or easing along with a trolling motor or push pole.

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Can you fish at Homosassa Springs?

As far as the fishing goes, you can catch many types of fish year-round. There is a healthy fishery of speckled trout and redfish. These two species are what folks fish for most frequently in Homosassa. Pelagic species such as Spanish mackerel and bluefish sweeten the pot during the Spring and Fall migrations.

What fish are in season in Crystal River?

Here are the best times of the year to fish for five key species in the waters outside the mouth of Crystal River:

  • Red grouper May/June and October/November.
  • King mackerel April/May and October.
  • Redfish September.
  • Spotted seatrout February/March/April and October/November.
  • Tarpon May/June.

Is Homosassa River salt water?

The river is a mixture of fresh water from the headsprings and salt water from the Gulf of Mexico. The tidal influence makes the river home to both freshwater and saltwater fish. Some of the freshwater fish you’ll find in the Homosassa River include Bluegill, Largemouth Bass and Spotted Sunfish.

Is Homosassa River brackish water?

Homosassa River is a 7.7-mile-long (12.4 km) river in Citrus County, Florida, in the western part of the state. … The Homosassa River is an estuary, which means that as it moves inland, it changes from salt water to fresh very gradually, and the river is brackish. The river is good for canoeing and kayaking.

What kind of fish are in Crystal River Florida?

Fish Species

Crystal River is home to tarpon, trout, redfish, shark, cobia, grouper and Spanish mackerel. Tarpon is a particularly desirable catch for charter fishermen and fly fishermen, and is often caught with live bait like blue crabs and pinfish, according to Captain Ed Lewis, a local charter fishing captain.

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Where can I fish in Crystal River?

Public Fishing Piers in Citrus County, Crystal River, Homosassa, Florida

  • Fort Island Trail Park Fishing Pier. 12073 West Fort Island Trail. …
  • John Brown Fishing Pier. S John Brown Dr & W Moorhaven Court. …
  • Kings Bay Park. The Roger Goettelmann Memorial Fishing Pier. …
  • Roger Batchelor Fishing Pier at Gulf Beach Park.

Are there alligators in Homosassa FL?

Homosassa springs also feature various captive animals such as alligators, black bears, red wolf, key deer, flamingoes, whooping cranes, and the Lu, the oldest hippopotamus in captivity.

Are there alligators in Homosassa?

A 1-mile elevated boardwalk circles among wildlife exhibits along the Homosassa River that feature a full complement of Florida natives, including alligators, crocodiles, snakes, birds, bears, bobcats and river otters. The park also has rare red wolves, whooping cranes, and a Florida panther.

When can you see manatees in Homosassa?

The peak season for observing manatees is November through April, and the local manatee population swells to its largest size between December and February. You can spot manatees in our waterways all year round, but the population is much smaller during the summer months.