What fish are good with Mollies?

Some species that make good Molly fish tank mates are Dwarf Cichlids, Rams, Discus, Keyhole Cichlids, and Severums. They need at least a 20-gallon tank, as they can grow up to 8 inches in captivity.

How many mollies should be together?

Mollies tend to stick together most of the time, which is why you should keep them in groups of 4 or more. If you are planning to keep more than 4 mollies, make sure you get a 20-gallon tank at least. A 45- gallon tank should be a perfect choice if you plan to manage multiple shoals of mollies.

What fish do well with black mollies?

Black Molly fish are a peaceful, community fish who will happily live with almost any other peaceful, community fish. Some of the fish we have successfully kept with our Black Mollies are Guppies, Danios, Tetras, other Mollies, Swordtails, Gouramis, Platies and even female Betta fish.

Can a Molly live alone?

Yes, a single Molly Fish can live alone as long as she has all that she needs: clean water, good food, and enough space to swim and play in. Please don’t forget though, that she will be happier with tank mates—whether fellow Mollies or other compatible fish.

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Can 2 male mollies live together?

Yes, mollies are quite peaceful fishes. And it wouldn’t be a problem keeping males together. The only time they get aggressive is while mating. They will also try to harass the pregnant female molly.

Can mollies and guppies breed?

Potential cross breeding between guppies and mollies

These adult fish are not fertile and will not reproduce. Sadly, most babies from the guppies and mollies will die before, during or shortly after they are born. Both guppies and mollies can carry sperm for a long time after reproducing.

What bigger fish can go with Mollies?

Some species that make good Molly fish tank mates are Dwarf Cichlids, Rams, Discus, Keyhole Cichlids, and Severums. They need at least a 20-gallon tank, as they can grow up to 8 inches in captivity.

Can GloFish tetras live with Mollies?

Live-bearing fish like Mollies are good tank mates for the GloFish Tetra. All kinds of Tetras can live peacefully with Mollies including the GloFish Tetra, which is the glow-in-the-dark version of the Black Skirt Tetra. GloFish Tetras should be in a school of 6 or more.

Can guppies and mollies live together?

Yes, guppies and mollies can live together, and they actually work well together. However, if the right requirements aren’t met, then some aggression may occur (from the mollies.) And there is always a slight risk that mollies will nip fish that have long fins such as guppies.

Can mollies live with bettas?

If you plan on having mollies in your tank you should remember that they can grow up to an inch bigger than your betta. … They need to live with other mollies or they will become stressed. So a 20 gallon tank is the best option to give your betta and mollies plenty of room.

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Can I leave my aquarium light on 24 7?

Can I leave my aquarium light on 24/7? You should never keep your aquarium lights on for 24/7. There are are several reasons you should not do so but the most important is it will cause algae growth in your tank. And you can spend literally weeks if not months to clean out algae from your aquarium.

How big do Gold Dust mollies get?

Growing to a maximum of nearly 5 inches, the Gold Panda Molly requires a tank of at least 25 gallons with algae and plenty of room to swim. The tall dorsal fin of the male will not develop if adequate room is not provided for him to swim.

Will mollies eat snails?

Most fish do not eat the snails’ shells. Larger fish may though. The molly may pick at the snail to see what it is and if it is edible but, unless the snail is very very small, I can see it eating the snail.

Do mollies clean the tank?

Mollies are famously undemanding fish that will fit well in the aquariums of beginners or inexperienced aquarists. … Indeed, Mollies can help you keep your aquarium free of algae and relatively clean. They do so by picking and eating the algae that naturally grow on the rocks and plants of your aquarium.

Do mollies change gender?

Mollies are not able to change gender. The gender of these fish is determined by their genetics so it is impossible for them to change sex.

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