What does a moon fish look like?

Is a moon fish good to eat?

Instead, moonfish are caught as bycatch in commercial tuna and swordfish fisheries. And despite the relatively small size of the catch, they bring in a good chunk of change. … “[Opah] can be eaten raw, but they’re also great on the barbecue or smoked,” says Snodgrass.

What is a moon fish look like?

Opah or moonfish is one of the most colorful of the commercial fish species available in Hawaii. A silvery-grey upper body color shades to a rose red dotted with white spots toward the belly. Its fins are crimson, and its large eyes are encircled with gold. … The fish’s cheeks yield dark red flesh.

Where are moonfish found?

Distribution of the Moon Fish

They live throughout much of the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere. You can find this fish throughout most of the Atlantic Ocean. They also live throughout the northern Pacific Ocean.

Where are Opahs found?

Opah is a pelagic species, often found with tuna and billfish. The fish is found in southern waters and has recently become popular with restaurants in Hawaii. All of the opah landed in Hawaii are caught by longlining. Almost all opah sold in the U.S. market are from Hawaii.

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Is Moon Fish expensive?

Our Price: $29.99

Moonfish is firm, rich and tasty.

How big do moon fish get?

It is silver or golden in colour and grows to about 30 centimetres (12 inches). It inhabits the western Atlantic Ocean and, when young, is distinguished by long, threadlike rays extending from its dorsal and pelvic fins.

Do Moon Fish have scales?

In its home range moonfish is often dried and can be dried without salt. Having no scales it is not kosher and is not listed as threatened. This is a weirdly built fish, but more edible than you might expect for something that flat and bony.

How do you eat OPAH?

Opah is among the most versatile of fish, suitable for any manner of cooking, flavorful yet mild whether grilled, pan-fried, seared, poached or stir-fried. You can even serve it raw as sashimi, cure it for pastrami or grind it.

Is OPAH good for sushi?

Opah (Moonfish) is a very large, very beautiful fish that tastes somewhat similar to tuna. It’s a mild-flavored fish that is becoming increasingly popular in fish markets. … Opah makes for excellent sushi and sashimi, paired with ponzu, ginger, and daikon.

Are moonfish and sunfish the same?

Opahs, also commonly known as moonfish, sunfish (not to be confused with Molidae), kingfish, redfin ocean pan, and Jerusalem haddock, are large, colorful, deep-bodied pelagic lampriform fishes comprising the small family Lampridae (also spelled Lamprididae).

What is the difference between a sunfish and a moonfish?

As nouns the difference between moonfish and sunfish

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is that moonfish is any of various flat, oval marine fish species while sunfish is any of various small freshwater fishes of the family centrarchidae, often with iridescent colours and having a laterally compressed body.

Do opah have teeth?

An adult opah resembles a huge dinner plate with red fins and lips. … Like penguins, opah flap these fins in order to swim, making them appear to “fly” through the water. Although the mouth lacks teeth, the upper jaw can reach out over the lower jaw to latch onto prey and help the fish suck the prey into its body.

Is OPAH a deep water fish?

A deep-bodied fish with a small toothless mouth, the opah (L. guttatus) grows to a length of about 2 metres (7 feet) and a weight of 140 kg (300 pounds), although larger specimens have been reported.

Are moonfish warm blooded?

The opah is the only known fully warm-blooded fish that circulates heated blood throughout its body. … Not all fish are cold-blooded. In 2015, researchers with the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center revealed the opah, or moonfish, as the first fully warm-blooded fish.