Should you use a leader for pike fishing?

A wire leader is great for pike as it tends to be the most durable, it’s flexible and will generally not take away from a lure’s action too much.

Do you need a leader for pike fishing?

Wire leaders for pike are needed when fishing with baitfish, smaller lures, and softbaits, as these can be swallowed swiftly and easily by the pike. For larger lures and when trolling for pike, you can use a thick fluorocarbon leader instead, as it is unlikely that the pike will swallow the entire bait.

Should you use steel leaders for pike?

Both stainless steel and titanium wires are great choices for northern pike, as they will be able to withstand those ultra-sharp pike teeth. Such wire leaders are extremely strong, smooth, and flexible, allowing for an optimal bait and lure presentation.

What leader is best for pike?

The two most common and most effective leader materials for pike ice fishing are fluorocarbon and titanium.

Fluorocarbon line has become an ever more popular leader choice for pike fishing and has indeed a lot of hard to beat advantages:

  • almost invisible underwater.
  • knottable.
  • solid abrasion resistance.
  • super strong.

What line should I use for pike?

It is important to structure your line with the reel and rod set up you plan to use. For a reel that has at least a maximum of 15 pounds worth of drag, we like to use 15 to 20-pound braided line. While when using a reel with at least a maximum of 25-pound drag, we typically use a 30 to 40-pound braided line.

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Can fish bite through fluorocarbon?

You can use fluorocarbon for casting to pike with spinnerbaits, in-line spinners or any kind of jerkbait. Note with all lines while fishing for pike, it’s recommended to utilize a leader to prevent the dreaded bite off… … One thing to note about fluorocarbon leaders is they have to be big; 60-80lb for pike.

Can pike cut braided line?

Braid is no good for pike. Titanium or steel leaders are good. Heavy fluoro is good with circle hooks.

What should I use as a leader line?

Fluorocarbon is the best fishing leader line to use. The best qualities of fluorocarbon is that it is invisible underwater. It doesn’t reflect the sunlight like monofilament so the fish are not able to see the line and makes your lure/bait look like its naturally floating or moving through the water.

Is fluorocarbon leader necessary?

He connects the braid to the mono with an FG knot and ties the mono to a three-way swivel. He attaches the fluoro leader to one of the swivel eyes and a 40-pound fluorocarbon loop to the third. … But when the water is clear and the fish are spooky, the fluorocarbon pays off.”