Quick Answer: How do you get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

During chapter 2 or later, after befriending Galen, enter his house in the morning while he’s home. He will give you the Fishing Rod G.

How do you fish in Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life?

When you are attempting to catch a fish, ignore the small bites that move the screen slightly. Wait for the bobber to go under the water and then raise up to the surface, at which point you need to press the A Button once to hook the fish.

How do you get a fishing rod in life after?


  1. You need to go to Fall Forest and meet with Vast not the Infected but the NPC. You can check your map to find his location. …
  2. You need to craft 2-3 .
  3. The new task is similar to the first. You need to increase your fishing level to gain a blueprint for building a new rod. …
  4. Increase your fishing level.
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How do you get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

To obtain the pole, give Taro a gift each day until he reaches 2000 Friend Points. The next morning as you are leaving your house, the old man will have the Fishing Pole for you. The earliest you can get the pole is Spring 10 of your first year. Taro likes the wild grasses that grow all over the island.

How do you get a fishing rod in harvest moon a new beginning?

Your first Fishing Rod will be given to you by Dunhill starting on Summer 2 of your first year. Walk from the village area to the River area to trigger the event. The upgraded Master Rod can catch all of the same fish as the Fishing Rod plus harder-to-catch fish, colored fragments, blueprints, and Giant Fish.

How do you get the fishing rod in Galen?

When the player tries to interact with him, he often asks to be left alone. He is difficult to befriend, so befriending him in the first chapter is recommended. If befriended, Galen will give the player a fishing rod. After Nina dies, Galen may also ask the player to polish Nina’s grave through a mini game.

How do you catch fish in harvest moon?

Once a fish bites down so hard that you see an exclamation (and only then) can you press X and start mashing the button to reel it in and catch it. That’s all there is to fishing in the game!

How do I increase my fishing skill in Lifeafter?

Raise Your Fishing Level

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Just as with any other skill in the game, you can increase your proficiency in catching fish by raising your fishing level. To do so, all you have to do is keep fishing. Depending on whether you use manual or auto fishing, it can take as little as one day to max out your fishing experience.

How do you get Vaughn in Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

Walk from the Mountain to Forest between 10 AM and 4 PM when the weather is Sunny or Cloudy. It must be on Year 4. Vaughn must have orange heart or less. One week after you’ve seen the last event, Vaughn and Sabrina will get married.

How do you get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon 3DS?

The Fishing rod is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. To get the Fishing rod you will need to talk to Greg between 7-10 AM or PM (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) on the pier on Mineral Beach. You can catch fish with this and randomly fish up power berries or a cooking recipe.

What does rod like in harvest moon a new beginning?

Rod is a childhood friend of Allen and they share a lot of memories together. He also likes to hang out with Neil since they both have a passion for taking care of animals. To unlock Rod, you will need to start Town Renovation Plan #3 and build the Cottage.

What does Neil like Harvest Moon?

Neil has a great fondness for farm animals; in fact, he even likes all the wild animals too.

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