Quick Answer: Can I buy fish BDO?

There are two types of NPC’s that buy fish. Trade managers and Imperial fish traders. The trade managers accept all type of fish, while the imperial fish traders only accept certain blue and yellow grade fish. … If they are not connected you only get 30% of the value of the fish.

Where can I buy fish in BDO?

To fish, you must first obtain a Fishing Rod. You can get one from a Fisher merchant (some Otters at water sources sell them), a Material Vendor or as quest rewards. You can also craft one via Workers in a tool workshop or buy one in the Marketplace. You can fish from any body of water as long as it’s not shallow.

Where is the imperial fish trader BDO?

Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs can be found in Velia, Glish, Epheria Port, Splashing Point and Valencia City. They will take most blue/yellow fish you have at 250% trade bonus and occasionally give you Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Fishing] as well.

What is fishing mastery BDO?

Fishing Mastery was introduced into Black Desert Online in NA on 9-4-19. Players earn Fishing Mastery levels as they obtain Fishing Life Skill ranks and Fishing Mastery or Life Mastery Gear. Fishing Mastery Benefits: … +Chance of fishing up Ancient Relic Crystal Shards. highest value fish (50-100m) are from harpooning.

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Does it matter where you fish in BDO?

General Characteristics of Fish

The sea region is displayed on your minimap, so you always know where you are. … This means if you’re fishing in Serendia, it doesn’t matter what river you fish in, you’ll get the same stuff. Balenos has it’s own freshwater fish table, and so does Calpheon, etc.

What is the best fishing rod BDO?

For active fishing you should use a Triple Float Rod (if available), or a Mediah Rod for freshwater fishing and Calpheon Rod for Salwater fishing.

What do I do with Golden coelacanth?

A golden coelacanth can only be caught on a special occasion, and the chances are extremely low. Witnessing this fish will bring you great luck. Can be sold to any NPC. There is also the Golden Backpack & Golden Dagger.

How long does it take to get to master fishing BDO?

You make can about 100-120m every 2-3 hours hotspot fishing.

How do you AFK fish in BDO 2020?

How to AFK Fish. All you need is a boat or beach on a river, lake, or ocean. Walk up to it and right click your Fishing Pole to equip. Press Space Bar and that’s it!

How do I cancel my BDO fishing account?

Before you start fishing, though, you’ll need to clear out your inventory as much as possible. When you run out of inventory space, you’ll stop auto fishing. Should your Fishing Rod break, you’ll stop auto fishing. To yield the most fish, your inventory will need to be relatively empty.

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How do you get golden seal Imperial fishing?

– Description: A golden seal rewarded to those who worked for the Imperial House. It can be obtained by delivering fresh caught fish to the Imperial House. Collect the seals to exchange them for an item of your choice.