Question: How much is a rod Licence in Northern Ireland?

A rod licence is required to fish on rivers and lakes (known locally as loughs) in the Loughs Agency areas. This applies equally to those fishing for trout, coarse fish and salmon. Licences are available as a season licence (£16), 14 day licence (£8), 3 day licence (£3.50) and juvenile licence (£2).

Do you need a rod licence in Northern Ireland?

You need a rod licence and permit to fish in freshwater lakes, loughs and rivers in Northern Ireland. The licence is for the fishing rod and the game or coarse fish you’re allowed to catch. A permit grants you the right to fish in a particular fishery.

Do you need a licence to fish in Northern Ireland?

To fish legally in Northern Ireland you’ll need to buy a rod licence and permit or day ticket to fish in freshwater lakes, loughs and rivers. A rod licence and permit/day ticket is not needed for sea angling, except when fishing for salmon or sea trout.

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Is fishing permitted in Northern Ireland?

You need both a rod licence and a valid permit or day ticket to fish in public fisheries in Northern Ireland. Buy rod licences, permits and River Bush day tickets online to fish the DAERA Public Angling Estate fisheries. You also need to follow season rules about when and how many fish you can catch and keep.

Can you use live bait in Northern Ireland?

A person shall not use live fish as bait on a hook for the purpose of attracting and taking fish whilst angling in fresh water. (b)any hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks, whilst angling for salmon.

Can you fish anywhere in Northern Ireland?

You need a fishing rod licence and permit to fish anywhere in Northern Ireland. However, a fishing licence for sea angling is not required, except when fishing for salmon or sea trout.

What is a concessionary rod Licence?

Concessionary season coarse rod licence for anglers with a disability. This rod licence is for anglers who are getting one of the following allowances: Disability Living Allowance. Attendance Allowance.

Do I need a rod license to fish in the sea?

The short answer to this question is no – sea fishing does not require a licence. … Anglers fishing inland up rivers do not need licences either if they are using sea fishing tackle to target sea fish species within tidal waters (i.e. there is movement of water level with the incoming and outgoing tide).

What fish can you catch in Northern Ireland?

For sea anglers, there are a variety of shore, rock and boat fishing opportunities along Northern Ireland’s coastline. The most common fish species include wrasse, cod, whiting, plaice, flatfish, turbot, mackerel, haddock, dogfish, coalfish, pollack, flounder and conger eels.

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Can you keep salmon you catch?

On all rivers, streams, drains and canals, any salmon or trout hooked other than in the mouth or throat shall be returned to the water immediately. When fishing rivers anglers may take no more than: 15 small fish (up to 20cm) per day of native species listed below (other than grayling).

Where can I catch pike in Northern Ireland?

Coarse & Pike Fishing Locations in Northern Ireland

  • Lower River Bann. Over the last few years, the Lower River Bann at Portglenone, Ballymena, has become one of the top coarse fishing venues in Northern Ireland. …
  • Cleenish Island. …
  • Lough Erne. …
  • Upper and Lower Lough Erne. …
  • Killyfole Lough.

What fish are in the River Bann?

This stretch of the River Bann extends from Point of Whitecoat to Lough Neagh. It is one of the best known coarse fisheries in Europe.

Key information.

Nearest town Portadown
Area/length Area/length
Species pike, perch, roach and bream
Season all year round

How many rods can you fish with?

A maximum of four rods or lines can be used by any one person at any one time. If any rods or lines are left unattended, they must be clearly marked with the fisher’s name and address or name and boat registration number. A maximum of three hooks or three gangs of hooks can be attached per line.

Can you eat pike?

Contrary to popular belief, northern pike are actually a deliciously tasty fish if done right. … They are chock full of bones; however, with a little care and know how, one is able to fillet a pike such that there won’t be a bone to be found.

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What fish is in season in Ireland?

Sea fishing is available all year round and sea anglers can fish for Bass, Ray, Flounder, Pike or Dogfish pretty much all the time. Wild salmons are better caught from the beginning of the February to mid October. It is important to note that fishing for pike with live bait is illegal in Ireland.