Is the Cape Cod Canal closed to fishing?

While recreational fishing can continue in the canal, commercial fishing has been banned. The Division of Marine Fisheries has closed the Cape Cod Canal to commercial striped bass fishing effective immediately.

Is Cape Cod Canal open for fishing?

The Cape Cod Canal (“Canal”) remains closed to commercial striped bass fishing in 2021. This… More closure was implemented in 2020 to address numerous and worsening public nuisance and safety issues arising from commercial fishing activity in the area.

Can you fish from a boat in the Cape Cod Canal?

Fishing, trolling, or lobstering by boat within the land cut, or the confines of the approach channels of the Canal, as defined by U.S. Coast Guard buoys and beacons, is obstructing navigation and is strictly prohibited. Swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving within the limits of the Cape Cod Canal is prohibited.

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Are the restrooms open on the Cape Cod Canal?

Multiple Canal access points along both sides of the Canal have been developed into Recreation Areas equipped with restrooms, picnic areas and parking lots. This year, the seasonal restrooms are open daily from April 24 – October 11, 2021.

Are stripers running on Cape Cod?

The Cape has many great places for striper fishing. With good bottom structure, strong currents and plenty of baitfish, the waters off Monomoy Island and Chatham are consistent with stripers. Also, off Provincetown, the stretch of water from The Race to the Golf Balls are also popular striper spots.

Where can I fish on the Cape Cod Canal?

The Top Fishing Spots on Cape Cod

  • Bass River – Yarmouth. It’s a big river, lots of adequate fishing spots, but we’re talking about one place in particular. …
  • Dowses Beach – Osterville. For starters, convenient. …
  • Old Silver Beach – Falmouth. …
  • Cape Cod Canal – Sandwich. …
  • Morris Island – Chatham. …
  • White Crest Beach – Wellfleet.

What is the best bait for canal fishing?

The best baits for canal fishing are maggot, caster, worm and bread. Of course, other baits such as sweetcorn and meat work too, but maggot, caster and worm are great for pretty much all fish that are in canals. Bread and sweetcorn are great bait for roach, chub and tench.

How deep is the Cape Cod Canal?

The Cape Cod Canal is a sea-level waterway offering vessels a minimum channel width of 480 feet wide and an authorized depth of 32 feet at mean low water.

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Do you need a license to fish Cape Cod Canal?

Massachusetts does not require a license for recreational saltwater angling, but a commercial permit is required when any fish are sold. Recreational shellfishing is permitted in designated clean areas and regulated by the individual towns.

Has anyone swam across the Cape Cod Canal?

Mo Siegel Becomes Sixth Person in Modern History to Swim Across Cape Cod Bay. PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts— At 6:36 am on Saturday, August 17, 61-year-old Mo Siegel of Piermont, N.Y., splashed into the water off White Horse Beach in Plymouth, Mass.

Are Cape Cod beaches open to public?

Cape Cod National Seashore Beaches

Open: Parking lots are open daily, year-round, 6 a.m.-midnight. Life guards are at swimming beaches from late June through August.

Are beaches open in Massachusetts today?

COVID-19 Updates – Beaches closures in Massachusetts

Beaches in Massachusetts are open for day use. Gathering of more than 10 people is prohibited.

Can you walk the Cape Cod Canal?

The length of the canal walk on the cape side is 6.5 miles from one end to the other. The cement walkway is smooth and wide enough for walkers, bicycles, joggers all to share the path. While you walk you get to enjoy the scenic canal with its bridges, boats and birds.

Where are stripers biting now?

Fish tacos, anyone? California’s main areas that hold anadromous stripers are the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Delta and river systems.

What fish are in Cape Cod right now?

Fishing Cape Cod Bay can result in catches of striped bass, bluefish, giant bluefin tuna, flounder and much more.

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What is the best month to fish Cape Cod Canal?

The 8-week period between the beginning of May and the end of June may very well be the best time to fish around Cape Cod due to the variety of species available, usually warm weather and the summer crowds have yet to materialize.