Is Perris Lake open for fishing?

Lake Perris is open daily from 7:00AM-8:00PM.

Can you fish at Lake Perris?

Lake Perris has abundant fishing opportunities!

Lake Perris was the first lake in Southern California to be stocked with Alabama spotted bass. Anglers also planted rainbow trout, channel catfish, and Florida bluegill. … The catfish tend to prefer mackerel or nightcrawlers as bait. Look for bass around Alessandro Island.

Do you have to have a fishing license at Lake Perris?

Anyone fishing in Lake Perris who’s 16 years of age and older must purchase a California Department of Fish and Game fishing license. You have a variety of options on how to fish at Lake Perris whether it’s on a fishing boat, kayak or utilize the shoreline to fish, which has easy access.

Where can I fish in Lake Perris?

If you are after catfish, among the best spots on Lake Perris are at the southwest corner of the dam and the shallower east end of the lake. Bass anglers report that the area around Alessandro Island are among the best in the lake. Bass fishing is also good at the east end of the lake and near the dam.

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Do you need a reservation for Lake Perris?

During the summer weekends and holidays, the lake may reach capacity early in the day. Reservations during these busier times are recommended. For reservations and more information, visit ReserveCalifornia or call (800) 444-7275. Sailboats, kayaks, canoes, and other non-powered vessels do not need reservations.

What time does Perris Lake open for fishing?

Lake Perris is open daily from 7:00AM-8:00PM.

How much does it cost to fish at Lake Perris?

There are also black crappie, carp, and crayfish. If you use crayfish as bait, they must be purchased at the bait shop. There is currently a 12″ minimum length on bass. There is a $3 per adult fee to fish from the marina dock ($2 for seniors 60+ or children under 12).

What type of fish are in Perris Lake?

Corona Lake was closed in March because the water level was so low. … While Corona Lake is a small private lake, it is heavily stocked with trout during the winter and catfish during the summer and it draws 3,000 or more anglers per week, and Elliott said he had to lay off all of his staff.

What is the water temperature at Lake Perris?

West Coast RV Camping

Lake Size: 2,250 surface acres
summer: 94 º
fall: 85 º
winter: 66 º
Summer Surface Water Temperature: 79 º

Is Perris Lake a man made lake?

Lake Perris is an artificial lake completed in 1973. It is the southern terminus of the California State Water Project, situated in a mountain-rimmed valley between Moreno Valley and Perris, in what is now the Lake Perris State Recreation Area.

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What’s the best bluegill bait?

Live bait works especially well for bluegill. The most common baits are worms and night crawlers because they are readily available and bluegill love them. The key is to use only a piece of a worm—just enough to cover the hook. Other productive baits include crickets, grasshoppers, red wrigglers and meal worms.

How much is a fishing license in California?

The current California annual fishing license fees for 2021 are $52.66 for a resident and $142.05 for a nonresident. For short-term licenses, the fees are as follows: One-day Sport Fishing License: $17.02. Two-Day Sport Fishing License: $26.49.

What does tent only mean?

RVs are not allowed in tent-only campsites. These sites only have space for tents and, in many cases, the parking is a short distance away from the campsite (and you’re required to camp in the campsite).

Is Lake Perris water contaminated?

Current Status: No harmful Algae detected.

Lake Perris undergoes water testing to ensure vistor safety.

Can you put a tent on an RV site?

Tents: Tents are allowed in all of our RV hook-up sites! People: Each site can accommodate up to 8 people, of any age. Vehicles: Although your site may hold 3 vehicles, your reservation only covers 1 vehicle. … All vehicles must fit on the parking pad and not hang into the road way.