Is a jawed fish with a skeleton composed mainly of bone?

Jawed fish include cartilaginous and bony fish. Cartilaginous fish include sharks, rays and, skates. Cartilaginous fishes have a skeleton made of cartilage, a material that is lighter and more flexible than bone.

Which fish has a skeleton made of bone?

In simple terms, a bony fish (Osteichthyes) is one whose skeleton is made of bone, while a cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes) has a skeleton made of soft, flexible cartilage. A third type of fish, including eels and hagfish, is the group known as Agnatha, or jawless fish.

Do most fish have skeletons made of bone?

Technically, the most obvious disparity between bony vs cartilaginous fish comes from the fact that the skeleton of bony fish is made of bones alone, while that of cartilaginous fish is made of cartilage. There are more than 20,000 fish species in the world. Of the class Chordata, Pisces is a super class.

Which of the following fish have jaws a skeleton made of bone?

The bony fish differ from the Agnatha because they have jaws. The bony fish differ from the Chondrichthyes because the bony fish have skeletons made of bone.

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What is the skeleton of jawless fish composed of?


Once grown, most jawless fish have a skeleton made of cartilage and paired gill pockets (in some cases as many as seven). Being jawless, lampreys still have cartilaginous teeth and most being parasitic latch on and suck tissue and fluids from any fish they are attached to.

What fish has a cartilage skeleton?

Cartilaginous fishes (chondrichthyes) represent the oldest surviving jawed vertebrates and, as the name suggests, have a skeleton made out of cartilage. They include sharks, rays, and skates (elasmobranchii) and chimeras (holocephali).

Which fish have a skeleton made of cartilage?

Cartilaginous skeleton

Sharks, rays, skates, and chimaeras (also know as rat fishes) all have cartilaginous skeletons. Cartilage is less dense than bone, allowing sharks to move quickly through the water without using too much energy.

Do fish have skeletons?

The skeleton of bony fishes is made of bone and cartilage. The vertebral column, cranium, jaw, ribs, and intramuscular bones make up a bony fish’s skeleton.

Do most fish have bones?

But the majority of fish do have bones and only a few species don’t. There are thousands of species of fish and most of them do have bones. The exceptions make up a small percentage of the fish in seas and rivers.

Is a fish a skeleton?

Fish are vertebrates, which means they have a skeleton that includes a spine and a skull. … In addition, parts of the fish’s skeleton grow within the skin and become the hard spines of the fins and the tiny, hard plates within the fish’s scales.

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Which is an example of an early jawed fish?

Placoderms were the first jawed fish; their jaws likely evolved from the first of their gill arches.

Are sharks jawed fish?

Jawed fish include cartilaginous and bony fish. Cartilaginous fish include sharks, rays and, skates.

Is Dogfish a bony fish?

dogfish A cartilaginous fish, Scilliorinus caniculum, or Squalis acanthias, a small shark; sometimes called rock salmon or rock eel.

What fish have fins and internal skeletons?

Cartilaginous fish are also known as Chondrichthyes and have one or two dorsal fins, a caudal fin, an anal fin, and ventral fins which are supported by girdles of the internal skeleton.

What is bony and cartilaginous fish?

As the name suggests, “bony fish” have a skeleton composed of only bones while a cartilaginous fish has a skeleton made entirely of cartilage.

Which fish have both jaws and a skeleton made from cartilage quizlet?

The skeleton of a shark is similar to the skeleton of a jawless fish because they are both made of cartilage. You just studied 20 terms!