How fast do mosquito fish breed?

They grow rapidly in the summer and reach a maximum size of 1-1.5 inches in males and 2.5 – 3 inches in females. Gambusia breed throughout the summer and a new brood is produced at 4-6 week intervals. The young fish reach maturity in about 4-5 months.

How often do mosquito fish have babies?

Gambusia are prolific, producing three or four broods each summer, depending on the food supply and climate. A brood averages between 30 and 100 fry, which reach maturity in three or four months. Under optimum conditions each fish will live about a year. At birth, fry are about 3/8 inches long.

How many mosquito fish do I need?

Residents are encouraged to stock mosquito fish in the following sources: Ornamental ponds: 6-10 fish per pond (depending on size) Out-of-order swimming pools: 15-30 fish per swimming pool.

Do mosquito fish eat their babies?

They also will eat some of their babies. Each fish should have a few gallons to itself but can thrive in high densities with more than five fish per gallon. … A large female can eat 100-200+ mosquito larvae in a day! More often mosquito fish will eat other tasty insect larvae and fish fry.

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Do mosquito fish need aeration?

Predator Fish

Most small fish species eat mosquito larvae, including mosquito fish, goldfish, bettas, minnows and guppies. … Good aeration solves this problem and creates an environment where mosquito-eating and algae-eating fish can thrive.

Do mosquito fish eat tadpoles?

New research shows that mosquitofish devour tadpoles just as readily as mosquito larvae and so can decimate native amphibians. … New research shows that mosquitofish devour tadpoles just as readily as mosquito larvae and so can decimate native amphibians.

How much does a mosquito fish cost?

IDENTIFICATION: Mosquitofish are small in size, have a rounded-out tail and an affinity for the upper six inches of the water column. DIET: Mosquito and invertebrate larvae.


Qty Price
Buy 100 $0.79 ea.
Buy 1000 $0.65 ea.

Do mosquito fish survive winter?

Mosquitofish, (Gambusia affinis) are native to the southern and eastern parts of the United States. … During the winter, mosquitofish move to the bottom of the water column, become inactive, and do not feed. In most cases, they will survive the winter and become active in the spring when temperatures rise.

Can Gambusia breed with guppies?

There are many varieties of Gambusia and some have successfully bred with more wild type Guppies than with Fancy types.

Do mosquito fish give live birth?

Mosquitofish give birth to live young, rather than laying eggs. Fish live for about 1 year and start eating mosquito larvae at birth.

Should I put mosquito fish in my pond?

Although a natural way of controlling mosquito larvae without the use of insecticides or chemicals, mosquitofish should never be placed in any natural habitat, such as lakes, streams, rivers, or creeks.

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Can mosquito fish eat goldfish food?

Mosquitofish are opportunistic feeders; they will eat just about anything. During warmer months they usually do not need supplemental feeding; however if there is no natural food (a new pond or in the winter months) you should feed them a small amount of flake fish food.

Will mosquito fish eat fry?

Mosquitofish are omnivorous but mainly feeds on insect larvae. They especially love to eat mosquito larvae which is why they were given the name Mosquitofish. They can also feed on fish fry if there are any present. … They can also help keep your backyard water garden or pond algae-free since they also feed on algae.

Can mosquito fish have babies without male?

The fish has a gestation period of 3–4 weeks. This species is a livebearer, so they will give birth to live babies instead of laying eggs. … A male is not needed in the tank for fertilization to take place, female fish can (and will) store sperm for later use.

Are mosquito fish and guppies the same?

Guppies and Mosquitofish both belong to the poecilia genus, which also contains Swordtails, Platys, and Mollies, and the two species share some similarities. … Fancy Guppies can live for around two years, whereas Mosquitofish have a slightly shorter life expectancy of up to a year and a half.