How do you unlock boats in Rapala fishing?

Use all boats at least once in a tournament event. Boats will unlock as you play through the Arcade and Time Trial mode (do those first).

How do you unlock monster fish in Rapala Pro Bass?


  1. You must catch 1 of the regular fish species for the Monster Fish (of that species) to become available/unlocked.
  2. Each Monster Fish has a particular lake they live in as well as a Season/Time.
  3. Each Monster Fish has a preferred Lure (See the Fish-o-Pedia), but will bite at almost any lure.

How do you catch legendary fish on Rapala Pro Series?

How to Reel in a Legendary Fish in Rapala Daily Catch

  1. Make sure your line is tough and filled up. …
  2. Cast into a Hotspots! …
  3. Listen for the music to change. …
  4. When the fish bites listen for a loud “thwomp” – if it’s loud, it’s legendary!

How do you set the hook on Rapala Pro Fishing ps4?

Once a fish bites, set the hook by pressing up and reel it in with R2. Use the L stick to pull left and right, and if you can keep the fish in a center square long enough, you can press R3 to get a reel in bonus and pull the fish in faster.

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