How do you paint a fishing pole?

Can you spray paint a rod blank?

You can use any spray pant including krylon. After applying your coats of paint, spray on a clear coat. After that, let it dry for 24 hours.

How do you spray paint a rod?

You start the spray before the rod to avoid spraying too much in one area. Pull into garage or covered area to dry for 4 hours or overnight (with Krylon and Rustoleum). Turn over rods to expose side that hasn’t been sprayed with paint. REPEAT process to apply 2nd coat and let dry overnight, before hanging.

Can you clear coat a fishing rod?

If you require a fancy pallet of colors for your rod and lure making– choose our urethane coating system – then clear coat with either our epoxy or urethane clear coats – for ultimate protection of your custom fishing poles and custom lures.

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