How do you get fishing points in Persona 5?

After reading the book and improving their fishing, players need to gain around 400 points to purchase Top-class Boilie. To speed up points gain, players can catch fish with tags or by purchasing medium or large Boilie baits to catch better fish and gain bonus points.

How do you get 100000 points in fishing p5r?

Get the top boile bit and at least 1 of the suspicious boile for the ichigaya guardian /kingpin. Then I rinse and repeat. It’s best to do it when you have max proficiency since you ca fish longer. It took me at least 6-8 nights of fishing on my first playthrough to get the 100k points.

How do you unlock fishing spot Persona 5 Royal?

The fishing pond takes place in Ichigaya, which needs to be unlocked by reading the book “Fishpond Spotter.” Otherwise, Ryuji Sakamoto will invite the protagonist to visit on July 6th. When the protagonist travels to Ichigaya, he’ll need to pay ¥3,000 to fish during the day.

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How do you do a fishing p5r?

You need to visit the Hinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku and buy the book “Essence of Fishing” for 2,800 yen. Read the book and you will obtain the third eye ability. To use the ability, press L1 to spot which fish sparkle.

What does Ali dance do Persona 5?

Effect. Ali Dance automatically doubles the user’s evasion rate against all attacks. The Hit rate of an attacking unit is reduced by half.

Which fish is the guardian Persona 5?

The Guardian fish is a long, golden fish, so identifying it will be easy. However, catching the Guardian will still be quite a challenge. Make sure you catch him when he’s closer to your side of the pond, so you can catch him quickly.

How do you catch Genji Ayu?

Bait / Bugs

Obtained from the Shiroku Pub in the Central Shopping District at night. Give the woman a which ever bug she asks for. Once a day only. When used as bait at the river, can attract Genji Ayu or Amber Seema.

How do you catch a river guardian?

River Guardian and the Deep Sea Rod

To catch this fish, you’ll need the Inaba Jewel Beetle as bait, which you can catch at the Tatsuhime Shrine or in your garden during winter. You can only catch the fish when it’s raining or snowing! You’ll know it’s the Guardian the second you throw it in the water by the ripples.

How do you unlock fishing in Persona 4 Golden?

Bring the item back to the boy and he’ll hand over a Tatsuhime Ladybug. After that, visit the pub in the Central Shopping District at night and talk to the lady, who will make a note of the Tatsuhime Ladybug. Hand over the bug so that she can feed it to her fish, and she’ll give you the fishing hook.

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How do you pass the time at the fishing pond p5r?

You’ll need to read the book Fishpond Spotter or be invited by Ryuji on 7/6 to discover the location. After this, you can access it at any time from the map to spend time there. When fishing, you’ll need to throw out your line using the interact button. After tossing out the line, wait for a fish to bite.

How do you get a guardian of a pond?

Guardian of the Pond – Catch the Guardian of the fishing pond. Read Fishpond Spotter and Essence of Fishing, and then earn enough fishing points to buy the top-tier bait – fishing at night and upgrading to better bait when you can afford it can speed this up.

How do you get the fishing hook in Persona 4?

When you get Tatsuhime Ladybugs, take them to the Shiroku Pub at night, along with a Gem. Feed the merchant’s fish one of these bugs from your inventory to receive the Fish Hook.

How do you get red fish in Persona 4?

Fishing for Red Goldfish

Once you have the Fishing Rod with you, start fishing with the help of bread crumbs. This will attract the fish you are looking for. The Red Goldfish in Persona 4 Golden will be very useful to earn some gems by giving it to the Lady in White at the Tatsuhime Shrine.