How do you get a custom fishing rod in sea of thieves?

Every Player Pirate acquires a Fishing Rod during their Maiden Voyage, which they can use at any time during their adventures on The Sea of Thieves. The Fishing Rod can be accessed from the Equipment Radial Menu. The Cosmetic design of the Player’s Fishing Rod can be switched at Equipment Chests.

How do you get different fishing rods in sea of thieves?

There are a lot of special fishing rods in Sea of Thieves that can be unlocked by catching a certain species of fish. Specifically, you need to unlock a commendation and title from Hunter’s Call in order to get the new fishing rod.

Where do I get Plentifins?

Plentifins – Plentifins are local to the Shores of Plenty (the north west region of the map). They require worms in order to be caught. Wildsplashes – Wildsplashes are native to the Wilds to the north east of the map. They also require worms.

What is the most expensive fish in sea of thieves?

However, we at least want you to know which fish you should not be eating, unless you want to forfeit a pretty penny. The highest earners are: Sand Battlegills, Shadow Stormfish, and Snow Wreckers. Each of these will earn 1,875. Their Trophy versions will earn you 4,690.

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How do you catch a shark in sea of thieves?

Sharks & Fish can be taken dead or alive, but more for alive. You can either haul it up on your ship and it hangs there from the mast for all to see, or you can hall around a giant cage from the back of your boat you have to lure the sharks into with either bait or yourself.

What is the best bait in sea of thieves?

Bait options in Sea of Thieves

  • Earthworms: Can catch Plentifins, Wildsplashes, and Wreckers.
  • Leeches: Can catch Ancientscales and Stormers.
  • Grubs: Can catch Devilfish and Battlegills.

How do you get a storm fish?

Where to find

  1. Shadow Stormfish can be caught in the Ocean.
  2. Shadow Stormfish require Leeches to catch.
  3. Shadow Stormfish can only be caught when inside a Storm.
  4. Rare fish varieties like the Shadow Stormfish are hard to come across and are worth significantly more Gold and experience than the other four varieties.

What fish sells for the most in Sea of Thieves?

Shadow Stormfish sell for the most money in Sea of Thieves. You can sell a raw Shadow for 1,500 gold, a cooked Shadow for 2,250 gold, a raw trophy Shadow for 3,750 gold, and a cooked trophy Shadow for 6,750 gold. Sand Battlegills is the second highest-selling fish.

Are cooked fish worth more sea of thieves?

Cooked fish is the most valuable, so its a good idea to cook all your fish in the pan onboard your ship before selling them to the Hunter’s Call. But be careful though, burnt fish is the least valuable kind of fish, even less valuable then selling the fish raw.

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How rare is a seafoam Splashtail?


Splashtails Cooked
Indigo Splashtail Uncommon variant 340
Umber Splashtail Rare variant 565
Seafoam Splashtail Night variant 225

How do you catch swordfish in sea of thieves?

Don’t click the bait or you’ll just cast your line without baiting your hook.

  1. Cast your line. Stand near the ocean or a pond (no, you can’t fish inside your own hold when it’s full of water, we tried) and left click to cast. …
  2. Wait to hook a fish. …
  3. Reel it in. …
  4. Grab your fishy. …
  5. Cooking.