How do I get a freshwater fishing license in Alabama?

What license do I need to fish freshwater in Alabama?

Must have Alabama driver’s license or proof of permanent residence and age. (Does not include non-resident landowners). Voluntary annual and lifetime licenses are available for those who wish to continue support … A License Information Packet can be viewed for each license for information, laws and regulations.

How much is Alabama freshwater license?

How much is an Alabama fishing license?

License Type Duration Nonresident Cost
Freshwater Annual 7 Days $54.20 $30.40
Saltwater Annual 7 Days $52.20 $28.85
Public Fishing Lakes Daily Fishing License Annual 1 Day $13.10 $7.55
Freshwater Fishing Family Trip License (up to 4 additional family members) 3 Days $30.40

Can I get my Alabama fishing license online?

You can purchase an Alabama fishing license online. You can pay with a debit or credit card and immediately print your license. You can also purchase your license in person.

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Do you need a fishing license to fish from the bank in Alabama?

Do I need a fishing license to fish from the bank? A license is not required to fish from the bank only in the county of residence with ordinary hook and line. Must have proof of Alabama residency, driver’s license, etc.

How much does a commercial fishing license cost in Alabama?

Non-Resident Licenses

Category License type Fee
Physicallay Disabled Freshwater Fishing 3-Day Event License Saltwater Trip $100.00
Freshwater Commercial Fishing License Freshwater Commercial Varies
Retail Freshwater Fish Dealer $11.00
Wholesale Freshwater Fish Dealer $26.00

Can I fish in Alabama with a Georgia fishing license?

All persons meeting the sport fishing requirements of Georgia or Alabama may fish from the banks and in the waters covered without having to obtain any other license.

Can I fish in Alabama with a Florida fishing license?

The Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources is hereby authorized and empowered to make and enter into agreements from time to time with the proper authorities of the states of Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Mississippi whereby a valid fishing license issued by the State of Alabama will be accepted and …

Are fishing licenses free?

Low price licenses – Some states offers free or reduced-fee sport fishing licenses. There are many places to use your fishing license including freshwater reservoirs, public fishing lakes, rivers, and streams.

What do I need to get fishing license?

Almost every state has an online system for buying licenses. They can also be purchased at select government buildings or shops. Usually, they will ask for some photo ID and proof of residency. One of the benefits of the online fishing license is that it is easy to print out a new one if you lose yours.

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Can I fish in Alabama with a Tennessee license?


Pickwick Lake: Applies to anyone with a valid Sport Fishing License from Tennessee, Alabama or Mississippi. Resident anglers of the three states may fish without purchasing a nonresident license anywhere within the boundaries covered by the agreement.

How do I get my Alabama drivers license online?

Go to ALEA online services. Have your current driver license and SSN ready. Pay the fee of $36.25 by credit card at the end of the transaction. Have a working printer available to print your temporary license or download a digital license using a smartphone.

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in Alabama?

Any Alabama resident between the age of 16 & 64 must obtain a fishing/hunting license to fish or hunt on public or private land or water ways. Alabama residents age 65 or older are not required to purchase a hunting or fishing license as long as they have proper identification to prove their age.

Are Bush hooks legal in Alabama?

Gigs or Grabbling i. It shall be unlawful to set and leave unattended in the public waters of the State of Alabama for more than seven consecutive days all fishing gear provided, however, that any set line or bush hook left unattended for 48 hours may be removed by Game and Fish Division personnel and destroyed.

Do veterans get free fishing license in Alabama?

PRIVILEGE: Allows disabled military veteran to fish the freshwaters of Alabama. License purchase includes privileges of the Wildlife Heritage License.