Frequent question: Where can I fish in Apollo Bay?

Can you go fishing in Apollo Bay?

Apollo Bay is one of the most popular fishing destinations along the Great Ocean Road. It’s an excellent fishing hub as it offers a variety of experiences such as beach, pier and ocean fishing. Wild Dog Beach is ideal for surf fishing. You’ll be able to catch Salmon and Silver Trevally, especially in the evening.

What fish can you catch at Apollo Bay?

Fish popular to the Cape Otway area include salmon, trevally mullet squid, salmon and barracouta. Most of these can be picked up with a range of pilchards, squid, pippies or whitebait and many of the service stations and general stores around the area sell all the bait you need.

What bait to use at Apollo Bay?

Apollo Bay Local Fishing Information

Fish Species Best Baits To Use
River Blackfish: Worms, Mudeyes, Beetles, Crickets.
Brown Trout: Worms, Lures, Flies, Shrimp, Mudeyes, Grasshoppers.
Estuary Perch: Minnows, Shrimp, Bass Yabbies, Lures. Bream best baits Sandworm, Bass Yabbies, Crab, Shrimp.

Can you fish along the Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road is an anglers’ heaven with several great fishing locations scattered along the coast. Catch your next meal with some great fishing off the Lorne pier, or try your luck off shore in the Bass Straight for some large sharks, southern Bluefin tuna and smaller mackerel tuna.

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What Shire is Apollo Bay in?

The Shire of Colac Otway is a local government area in the Barwon South West region of Victoria, Australia, located in the south-western part of the state.

Main towns in shire.

Locality Total
Alvie 132
Apollo Bay 1,598
Balintore 67

What fish are in the Cumberland River?

Trophy brown trout swim in the Cumberland River, as do bountiful numbers of rainbow trout. The river is also home to walleye, sauger and oversized striped bass. For anglers using a spinning rod, a red, white or chartreuse in-line spinner attracts strikes from trout. Smaller suspending jerkbaits work as well.

What fish are in the Wye River?

The river contains brown trout and many coarse fish species including stone loach, dace, roach, eel, grayling, gudgeon, minnow, carp, three-spined stickleback and rudd. It is one of the UK’s top rivers for barbel and also has good stocks of large chub, silverfish and pike.

Can you fish at Point Addis?

No Fishing Permitted

Includes Point Danger, Torquay. Winki Pop through to Ingoldsby Reef, including Bells Beach, Southside and Point Addis for a distance of seven kilometres directly south.