Frequent question: What can you fish with in Texas City Dike?

Texas City Dike is a ocean near Galveston. The most popular species caught here are Red drum, Black drum, and Spotted seatrout. 1737 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

Do you need a fishing license to fish at Texas City Dike?

Yes, to a license, and there are enforced limits.

How much does it cost to fish on the Texas City Dike?

It is free during the winter months and summer weekdays (Mondays through Thursdays — unless they are holidays). On holiday weekends (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Fourth of July and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Memorial Day and Labor Day) the fee will be $20 per vehicle per day.

Is there sharks in Texas City Dike?

The 543.6-pound fish was caught at the 57th Annual Texas City La Marque Tackle Time fishing tournament. TEXAS CITY, Texas — A tiger shark weighing more than 500 pounds was caught at a fishing tournament at the Texas City Dike on Saturday.

Can you swim in the Texas City Dike?

The Texas City dike is a great place to fish or swim or just enjoy the view/s.

How deep is the water around the Texas City Dike?

The dike is parallel to and north of the 50-foot deep, 600-foot wide Texas City Channel, which allows shipping traffic to access the Port of Texas City.

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Can you pop fireworks on the Texas City Dike?

The dike does have fireworks. TC Jaycees put it on. If your in a boat,pull up to the bank along skyline drive,thats where they shoot them off.