Frequent question: How long do silver dollar fish live for?

The silver dollar is a peaceful schooling species that spends most of its time in the mid- to upper-level of the water. Its average lifespan is than ten years but can live longer in captivity. A chin-layer, the adult fish will spawn around 2,000 eggs.

How long do silver dollar fish live in a tank?

The spotted silver dollar fish lifespan is said to be of around ten years on average but they can also live longer. When silver dollars are taken care of, these fishes are also amongst the longer-living fishes in the aquarium.

How big do silver dollars get?

The average silver dollar fish size is around 6 inches in length. There is the occasional report of them hitting 8 inches but that’s not to be expected. These aren’t small fish which means you’ll have to plan your tank accordingly. Not only are they long, but they’re tall!

Do silver dollar fish get lonely?

Typical Behavior. They are large peaceful schooling fish that need plenty of swimming space. You should keep them in a group of at least 5 individuals. They can be quite skittish and reclusive if kept alone.

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Will silver dollars eat small fish?

Silver dollars will eat tiny fish and invertebrates that they come across, but they don’t actively hunt these critters down. Since they have evolved to eat a mostly plant-based diet, their need for protein is much less than their carnivorous and omnivorous cousins.

How often should I feed my silver dollar fish?

They constantly graze on plants, insects, and small water-borne animals. These are hungry fish and they need to be fed lots of food and quite often too. Silver dollar fish should be fed 2 to 3 times per day, and about as much as they can eat in 3 to 5 minutes.

How fast do silver dollars grow?

Silver Dollars will reach adult size in about eight months.

How do you take care of a silver dollar fish?

A school or six or more will require an aquarium of 75 gallons or larger. Silver dollars prefer subdued lighting, dark substrate, plenty of room to move about, as well as many good hiding places. It’s advisable to use plastic plants or very sturdy live plants because they will eat most live plants.

Can silver dollar fish live with goldfish?

No, you should not keep silver dollar fish with goldfish. Here, the issue really has nothing to do with size or temperament, but with water conditions. Goldfish are cool water fish that prefer colder waters, whereas silver dollar fish are tropical fish that need the water temperature to be fairly high.

Can silver dollar fish live with Oscars?

Silver Dollars are one of the most popular Oscar tank mates for several reasons. … A group of Silver Dollars not only hold their own against Oscars, but actually help make them less aggressive. While Silver Dollars are great Oscar tank mates, you should never keep them in groups of less that 3 or 4.

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Can you keep silver dollars with guppies?

As a rule, if a fish can fit in another’s mouth, presume that it will be eaten, however I have successfully raised platty fry and guppy fry in my tropical aquarium with tetra, silver dollars, and scissortail rasboras. … Generally, any other peaceful fish are fine to go with dollars.

What plants do Silver Dollars avoid?

Water lettuce is hands down one of the best plants to put in a silver dollar fish tank. First off, it is a floating plant, the first thing which should help keep them safe from silver dollar fish. Second, these plants have very tough and thick leaves, which should also ensure that silver dollar fish don’t eat them.

How can you tell if a silver dollar fish is male or female?

Like many fish, there are no distinctly obvious means of distinguishing between a male and female silver dollar fish. The only way to tell the sex of a silver dollar fish is to study the anal fin. In a male silver dollar fish, the anal fin may be slightly longer and may also be tinged red.

Can silver dollar fish live in cold water?

Silver dollars natively live in a tropical climate in the sides of weedy rivers. They prefer water with a pH of 5–7, a water hardness of up to 15 dGH, and an ideal temperature range of 24–28 °C (75–82 °F).

Silver dollar (fish)

Silver dollar
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Characiformes
Family: Characidae