Frequent question: How do you unlock the rod of champions?

The Rod of Champions is the best fishing rod available in Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is the Third Prize in the Fishing Competition, which is obtainable by catching a 15 gram fish and turning it into the fisherman at Fisher Creek.

Is the rod of legends better than the shredder?

Comparison to the Shredder

Assuming both are fully enchanted and reforged to Salty or Treacherous, the Rod of Legends has four additional Sea Creature Chance but 5% lower Fishing Speed. Additionally, the Shredder is also a sword, and you can apply sword enchantments onto it, while the Rod of Legends is not.

Does the challenging Rod keep enchants?

The Vanilla fishing rod used to craft the Challenging Rod keeps its enchants and reforges when crafted into Challenging Rod.

How do you make a sea rod?


  1. 22,236x Lily Pad.
  2. 640x Shark Fin.
  3. 4x Great White Shark Tooth.
  4. 3x Stick.
  5. 2x String.

What reforge Stone gives submerged?

Armor Reforge Stones

Name (Reforge) Type Mining LVL Req.
Candy Corn (Candied) Any Rarity Armor
Deep Sea Orb (Submerged) Any Rarity Armor
Rare Diamond (Reinforced) Any Rarity Armor VIII (8)
Molten Cube (Cubic) Any Rarity Armor X (10)
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How do you get salty reforge in Hypixel skyblock?

You need to talk to Terry on the Winter Island, for 64 hunks of blue ice and some money you’ll get the reforge.

What do you do with the hunk of ice?

The Hunk of Ice is an Uncommon drop from Jerry Pond fishing mobs. It can be used to add a special Reforge to Fishing Rods by talking to Terry.

How do you get a grappling hook in skyblock?

They will need to place a stick in the center square, as long as one in the bottom-right square. When placing enchanted string, players should place one piece in the top-center square, one in the top-left square, and one in the center-left square. Doing so should allow players to craft their Grappling Hook.

How do you get the dark orb in Hypixel skyblock?

Obtaining. The Dark Orb is a drop from Dungeon Post-Boss Chests on The Catacombs – Floor V. It usually costs 250k coins.

How rare is spicy reforge?

List of Reforges

Reforge Prefix Common Rare
Sharp +10% CC +20% CD +14% CC +40% CD
Heroic +15 Str +40 Int +1% AS +25 Str +65 Int +2% AS
Spicy +2 Str +1% CC +25% CD +1% AS +4 Str +1% CC +45% CD +4% AS
Legendary +3 Str +5% CC +5% CD +5 Int +2% AS +12 Str +9% CC +15% CD +12 Int +5% AS