Can you fish at Val Vista Lakes?

The Riparian Preserve is located, just south of Discovery Park at Val Vista Lakes, in the southeastern corner of Guadalupe Road and Greenfield Road. The Preserve features 110 acres of 7 ponds, ramadas and 4.5 miles of walking trails and fishing at the lake.

Can you fish Val Vista Lakes?

Fishing is permitted, although the lakes were built more for aesthetics than for testing your fishing skills. Anglers will want to drive about 60 miles northeast of Val Vista Lakes to Theodore Roosevelt Lake in Tonto National Forest.

Is Val Vista Lakes gated?

VVL offers twenty-four Residential Subdivisions, several of which are custom gated communities, offering both lakefront and off-lake homes. … Val Vista Lakes offers something extraordinary for everyone – from community activities and events to resident meetings and recreation.

Can you kayak at Val Vista Lakes?

Val Vista Lakes (located in Gilbert, AZ), is one of the greenest, safest, influential, and desirable communities in all of Arizona. KAYAK RENTALS: … Each kayak is $25/day, per Kayak (life vests & paddles included). Kayak on the beautiful lake next to multi-million dollar homes and take in the breathtaking views.

Can you fish Layton lakes?

The lakes are stocked for catch and release fishing.

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Can you fish at Discovery Park?

Fishing is permitted and you can bring your own gear. … Guests can fish with the price of a general admission ticket.

What is a community fishing license in AZ?

The license covers all fish species found in urban lakes. Juveniles under age 10 and blind Arizona residents do not need a license.

Can you fish at Freestone Park?

Fishing Notes: Freestone Park is stocked with catch and keep fish.

Discovery, Freestone, Gilbert Regional, and McQueen Parks.

Fish Species Number of fish per day per person
Largemouth bass 1 – must be 13-inch minimum length
Sunfish 5

How much did Gilbert Regional Park cost?

When construction began, then-parks director Rod Buchanan said the park would cost Gilbert a total of about $100 million.

Where is Layton Lake reserve?

The Layton Lake District is located at the Pacific Northwest of North America.