Best answer: What type of body do fish have?

Bony fishes show great variety in body shape, but the “typical” fish body shape is roughly cylindrical and tapering at both ends. This characteristic fusiform shape is quite energy efficient for swimming.

What kind of body does a fish have?

The body is often fusiform, a streamlined body plan often found in fast-moving fish. They may also be filiform (eel-shaped) or vermiform (worm-shaped). Fish are often either compressed (laterally thin) or depressed (dorso-ventrally flat).

What type of a body does a fish and a bird have?

Explanation: Yes the body of fishes and birds are shaped in a special way. And this shape is called streamlined shape. It helps both fish as well as birds to move easily in water,air.

What is the shape of body of fish in water?

Fishes have streamlined body shape that help them to move in water easily and smoothly.

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Why do fish have different body shapes?

Body Shape: Fish tend to have body shapes that are most suited for where they live and feed. Each shape is advantageous for a different lifestyle. a.

What kind of body does a fish have Class 3?

Fish have a streamlined body shape, flexible backbone, fins and strong muscles which help them to swim in water.

Does fish have streamlined body?

A body is said to be streamlined if it tapers at both ends. For example, fishes have streamlined bodies to help them while swimming in the water, birds have a streamlined body to help them while flying in the air, snakes also have a streamlined body which helps them in their faster movement. Notes: 1.

Why fishes are said to have a streamlined body?

Answer: Fishes are streamlined because the streamlined shape helps them move through the water with the least of resistance.

What is the body shape of a bird?

The bodies of all flying birds are shaped like teardrops. The streamlining is achieved by specially arranged feathers that reduce the friction that would otherwise act as a drag against the forward-moving body. TEARDROPS: The bodies of birds of all sizes share the same streamlined shape.

What type of shape does a fish and ship have?

What is the shape that fish, birds, airplanes and ships have that reduces air/water resistance? The fish, birds, airplanes and ships have a streamlined body shape – rounded in front and narrow at the back. This reduces the air / water resistance.

Why do fish have boat shaped body?

(i) The streamlined body shape (boat shape) allows the fish to move easily in water.

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Why do fish have gills?

Like us, fish also need to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide in order to survive. But instead of lungs, they use gills. … As the fish opens its mouth, water runs over the gills, and blood in the capillaries picks up oxygen that’s dissolved in the water.

What are 5 characteristics of fish?

5 Characteristics That All Fish Have in Common

  • All Fish Are Cold-Blooded. All fish are cold-blooded, which is also called ectothermic. …
  • Water Habitat. Another shared characteristic amongst all fish is that they live in water. …
  • Gills to Breathe. …
  • Swim Bladders. …
  • Fins for Movement. …
  • 5 Basic Needs of an Animal.

What fish has a fusiform body?

Fish with a fusiform body shape, or a streamlined torpedo shaped body, are those found in the open water moving around with little effort. These fish typically include most species of sharks, bonito, and mackerel.

What type of fish has a body shape of a bottom heavy for sitting on the bottom not casting a shadow *?

Table 4.4.

Description Adapted Function
Vertically flattened shape that is somewhat depressiform (flat top to bottom) Bottom heavy for sitting on the bottom, not casting a shadow
Fusiform (bullet, or torpedo shape), which is also sometimes called perch like General all-purpose shape