Are there Zander fish in Wisconsin?

Is there zander fish in Wisconsin?

Zander Lake is a 14 acre lake located in Green County. It has a maximum depth of 8 feet. Fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass and Trout.

Where can I find zander in the US?

The only state in which you can find zander in the United States is North Dakota. Here, both Spiritwood Lake, located near Jamestown, and the connected Alkali Lake south of it hold populations of zander. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department officially stocked zander in Spiritwood Lake back in 1989.

Where are zander located?

The European pike perch, or zander (Stizostedion, or Lucioperca, lucioperca; see photograph), is found in lakes and rivers of eastern, central, and (where introduced) western Europe. It is greenish or grayish, usually with darker markings, and generally attains a length of 50–66 cm (20–26 inches) and a weight of 3…

What lakes have zander fish?

Zander was stocked in Spiritwood Lake, North Dakota in 1989 and has remained ever since. Ecologists believe that if establishment occurs in the Great Lakes they will compete with game fish such as the closely related Walleye or the Yellow perch for food and habitat.

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What is the rarest fish in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s rare fishes

Scientific Name Common Name WWAP
Acipenser fulvescens Lake Sturgeon SGCN
Alosa chrysochloris Skipjack Herring SGCN
Ammocrypta clara Western Sand Darter m-SIN
Anguilla rostrata American Eel SGCN

Is there Pickerel in Wisconsin?

Pickerel is an unincorporated community in the northeast corner of Langlade County, Wisconsin, United States. Pickerel has a post office with ZIP code 54465. …

Are there zander in Michigan?

Currently not found in Michigan. ​

Zander is a walleye-like fish native to Europe and western Asia. It was released into North America as a sport fish in the 1970’s. There are no documented reports of Zander in Michigan.

Is there zander in North Dakota?

North Dakota has the only zander population in North America, so the phenomenon is very interesting indeed.

Are walleye and zander the same fish?

The scientific name of zander is Sander lucioperca. Also known as pike-perch, it generally attains a length of 20 – 26 inches, and weighs about 7 lb. The zander is bigger in size than the walleye, and the heaviest one weighed around 44 lb.


Kingdom Animalia
Genus Sander
Species S. vitreus

Where did the zander fish come from?

Zander is native to continental Europe through to western Siberia. Over time, Zander has intentionally been introduced into new regions for sport fishing, aquaculture, and to remove unwanted smaller fish species from some areas in Europe.

Can you keep zander fish?

Zander are widespread throughout Europe and are often caught for food as they are tasty and have large, white, flaky flesh. In the UK the zander is listed under the Live Import of Fish Act (ILFA) and you would require a special licence to stock or hold them in a water.

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Where does the zander fish come from?

Native of Eastern Europe the Zander, Sander lucioperca, is a species of freshwater predator fish. It is a member of the perch family (Percidae) that resembles the pike.

Does zander taste good?

Zander has light, firm, but tender meat with few bones and a delicate taste. In France and much of Western and Europe, Zander will be on fish restaurant menus. This is the time to try this tasty fish that may not be on many menus at home.

Are there zander in North America?

S. lucioperca has been introduced to the United States many times, but has only one established population in Spirit Lake, North Dakota. In Europe, S. lucioperca, has established itself in many introduced areas.

Is a zander a cross between pike and perch?

Zander (Sander lucioperca), is closely related to perch. Zander are often called pike-perch as they resemble the pike with their elongated body and head, and the perch with their spiny dorsal fin. Zander are not, as is commonly believed, a pike and perch hybrid. The zander is a common and popular game fish in Europe.