Are Phenix rods made in China?

they are made in china, phenix is a west coast company. blanks are pretty nice.

Who makes Phenix rod blanks?

Never before has a manufacturer offered a series of high-end blanks for the most ardent female anglers around the world until the New Phenix Pandora series.

Does Phenix make good rods?

Phenix makes an outstanding rod! I have sold most of my Calstars, and all of my Seekers, but this is not to say that they are weak or bad rods. But when it comes to taking my best rods, they are most likely to be a Phenix. ALso, I still kept my Batson sticks, you can not be beat them at their price points.

What are Phenix rods made of?

Composed of their own proprietary “Super Graphite” material, Phenix rods are the most sensitive, lightest and strongest rods in the market.

Where are rainshadow blanks made?

The Rainshadow RX7+ and Rainshadow RX8+ blanks are made in the US. The other Rainshadow and Forecast blanks are made overseas. Batson (the company that owns the Rainshadow Brand) is an American Company in Sequim,WA – THEY HAVE NOT MOVED OVERSEAS.

Where are Calstar rods made?

Calstar’s founders Leon and Pat Todd have dedicated over 50 years to building quality fiberglass and composite fishing rods and blanks that are made in the USA.

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Where are Phenix Rod made?

they are made in china, phenix is a west coast company.

What is a deckhand Rod?

Deckhand rods are the rods of choice for Southern California anglers casting jigs and surface irons. Sometime called “jig sticks”, these rods which are usually 8′ and longer have no reel seats. The grips are made from cork tape (sometimes covered in shrink tube) or tuna/seine cord.

Where are Batson rod blanks made?

The ETERNITY Series Rod Blanks – Made in USA.

What are RainShadow blanks made of?

Trust that high performance and durability are at the forefront of all RainShadow blank designs. As our flagship offering, this graphite material represents the pinnacle of RainShadow technology. Utilizing proprietary ultra-high modulus Toray carbon fiber, we combine this with our branded resin system and design.