Tri Marine subsidiary adds pole and line vessel to Solomon Island tuna fleet

FV Solomon Hunter

Republished from Under Current News

National Fisheries Developments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tri Marine, announced Thursday that it has added a fifth pole and line vessel to its fleet in the Solomon Islands, which also includes seven purse seiners.

The “Solomon Hunter” will be moored at NFD’s base in Noro, where SolTuna, a large-scale tuna processor, is located, and has been inspected by Solomon Islands maritime authorities for permanent registry there. The ship, which was purchased in Japan, is 37 meters in length and can travel at speeds of up to 14 knots, the company said. It was built in 1983.

“We’re thrilled to add Solomon Hunter to our growing fleet of vessels,” said Frank Wickham, NFD’s managing director, in a press release. “As an organization, we feel that it’s important to continuously increase our catch in support of SolTuna’s needs for high quality raw material. We need to continue to grow in support of SolTuna.”