Solomon’s SolTuna and NFD’s new sensory analysis training

Republished from PNA Martket intel

SolTuna and the National Fisheries Developments Limited (NFD) of the Solomon Islands are using new sensory analysis skills to help them assess their fresh, cooked and canned tuna.
More than 100 staff members recently received two weeks training at the SolTuna cannery in Noro so they can use their senses of smell, sight, touch and taste to help ensure their products are safe and of high quality, ready for export to markets that include Europe and the US.
Production Manager for SolTuna, Hearty Matamaru, said, “The sensory training is a huge milestone for SolTuna and NFD. It upskills our workers and brings our production into another level for international markets. We have learned that control must start from the catching, offloading, and butchering of the fish. It is hard to control quality issues once fish is canned. We must make sure we process high quality and fresh tuna, before selling it to our consumers.”
The workshop was funded by Australian and New Zealand-funded Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural
Tuna Market Intelligence Market Access (PHAMA) Program in cooperation with SolTuna Ltd.