Skipjack tuna prices strengthen further in September

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Republished from Under Current News

Whole round skipjack tuna prices for delivery to Bangkok, Thailand have continued to firm this month, after hitting a two year-record low in July and having rebounded in August, industry sources told Undercurrent News.

The current price for sales in Bangkok, Thailand is $1,650 per-metric-ton, $200/t higher than earlier this month, sources told Undercurrent.

“Expectations are that this will continue upwards. It’s quite probable that the price will continue to increase towards $1,700, with some talking of $1,725-1,750/t for October,” one US-based source said.

Skipjack prices are currently at $1,650/t and they are rising towards $1,650-1700/t, another source in Europe agreed.

For now, sources were unable to predict how prices will move in the second part of October, with some thinking that prices could stabilize around that period.

Meanwhile, skipjack prices in the Indian Ocean reached about €1,200-1,225/t and €1,200/t in the Atlantic Ocean, while in the Eastern Pacific Ocean prices have also risen to around $1,725-1,750/t, according to sources.