NFD Ltd Adds Purse Seiner to its Fleet

Solomon Sapphire and 2 other NFD boats Noro, Solomon Islands

National Fisheries Development Ltd (NFD) has added another tuna vessel to its fleet, bringing their Solomon-flagged total to six purse seiners. The Solomon Sapphire has departed for the fishing grounds on February following a major refit in PNG and Solomon Islands.

Director of Ministry of Fisheries Edward Honiwala welcomed NFD’s initiative to meet ever-increasing demand for fish landings at its base in Noro. “This investment is in line with the domestic development policy of the Ministry of Fisheries and our marine resources.”

The Solomon Sapphire is a 900 metric ton-capacity vessel that will supply fish to the Soltuna cannery in Noro. “Steady supply into Noro allows for increased value-added processing, higher exports and greater economic returns to our communities,” said Frank Wickham, General Manager for NFD Ltd and Chairman of the Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association. “We congratulate NFD on its continued investment in the sustainability and productivity of the Solomon Islands tuna sector. The multiplier effects of domestic tuna employment benefit local businesses of all kinds, as well as farmers and the national government.”