Chinese firm showcases tuna catch after deal with Micronesia

A 1.4 m tuna cut up to promote 2018 Guangzhou Fisheries Fair.
By: Gao Fu Mao

Shenzhen Lian Cheng Yuan Yang Fishing Co., a major Chinese fishery firm, recently showcased its Pacific Islands-sourced tuna at a glitzy event in Guangzhou.

Earlier this year, Lian Cheng signed a deal with the government of Micronesia to build a fishing port on the island of Yap. A sovereign nation made up of four states – one of them Yap – the Federated States of Micronesia is located in the Western Pacific Ocean.

At the Guangzhou event, which was attended by media and trade officials,  representatives of the company cut up a 1.4-meter tuna in order to promote this year’s Guangzhou Fisheries Fair. Guests at the event were also served green mussels from the Guangzhou-based Xin Huo Fisheries Products Co. and salmon from the Foshan Han Tong Food Co.

The Japanese-style tradition of ceremonial slicing of large red-fleshed tuna has become an increasingly common event at seafood industry events in China, where locals are heavily influenced by dining and other lifestyle trends from Japan.

Guangzhou, which borders Hong Kong, is the capital of China’s wealthiest region, and is home to the seafood-rich Cantonese style of cuisine.

Gao Fu Mao

Contributing Editor reporting from Beijing, China for the a online seafood news website.